The Two New Members (TTNM)

The Two New Members (TTNM)
Chapter 1: Abigail's past
“Abigail!" Mom yelled from downstairs. I ran down as fast as I could without falling.
"Yes Ma'am?"
Her hand came in contact with my check
"Did I ask you to speak?" She asked infuriated
I nodded my hear as if to say no but didn't say another word
"Your father and I have been talking lately and we decided that since today is your 10th birthday
you're able to take care of yourself" She looked at my dad and nodded. He stood up and walked
over to me. I cringed afraid of what he going to do next.
He flung me over his shoulder. I tried to get away but couldn't. He opened the front door and
literally threw me out the door. The snow softened my fall but it still hurt.
"Good-bye sweetheart” Was all he said before slamming the door.
Tears were running down my cheeks. I finally got up and walked for about two miles. We lived
in the middle-of-nowhere in England so it was pointless to ask for help because there was
nobody around.
I finally just sat down in the snow and pulled out my diary and pencil that I always kept in a
little purse under my shirt so my parents didn't see it.
I opened up the the next blank pace and wrote
Dec. 12. 2011
Dear Diary,
Today is my 10th birthday and the worst day of my life. I got kicked out and have nowhere to
go. All I had is a mattress on the floor in the attic and you and I lost the most important one. No
offense. I'm so numb I can barely feel my body and I'm scarred. What am I going to do nethat's all I could write before I passed out.
Chapter 2: Adoption
*Liam's P.O.V*
Once we got home from Africa reality hit us (and during our time there). We realized
that there are people less fortunate than us everywhere. So we started the process to
adopt one or two 12-13 year old girl(s).
We're on our way to the orphanage now to visit the girls and see if we find someone.
*Hailey's P.O.V*
I shook Abby trying to wake her up
"We're going to get in so much trounble and be late" I mumbled
"WAKE UP!" I yelled into her ear. She sat straight up
“C’mon, we’re going to be late” I told her as she layed back down
“For what?” she mumbled into her pillow hold snowball -her stuffed dog- in her arms
“How ‘bout you look at the calendar” I told her tossing her the calendar. She looked
at today and jumped up.
“What to wear? what to wear? what to wear?” she mumbled looking for her clothes
looking for something to wear.
She picked out a Marvel tank top and ripped denim shorts. She put her long blonde
hair in a ponytail and put a white flat billed hat on. She pulled her ponytail though the
back little opening. she put on some light pink lip gloss and our best friend Oreo
necklace and some socks.
“Let’s go” She said walking over to the door
I cleared my throat “You might need shoes”
“Oh yeah, I might”
She put on some white converse that where the same as mine but hers were high-tops.
"My outfit (
announced before running out the door
I closed the door and ran after her.
is complete!" She
We got down rite as Mrs. Deyes -the owner of the orphanage- was telling us to be nice
and all that. She shot us glace but we quickly joined the other girls. Apparently they
were looking for a or two 12-13 year old girl(s) so that is why we're the only ones
down here.
She opened the door and Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Harry walked in. Gasps were
heard all over the room.
Louis looked at me, smiled and pointed at my outfit. Wondering what he was talking
about I looked down. I laughed noticing that I was wearing the girl version of his
signature outfit
I looked back up at him and giggled
"These 5 lovely lads are going to be spending some time with you and then decide if
they want to adopt one or two of you today" Mrs. Deyes explained. We all nodded
and she went back to her office as she always did.
I grabbed Abby by the arm and we ran to the stairs to go ther room to grab something
fast to eat. At the bottom of the stairs Regina -this one girl who thinks she's all thatstopped
"OH MY GOSH Regina what happened to your face?!" I asked shocked
"What is it, What is it? take it off take it off!" She said freaking out
"Oh wait, it's still the same"
"UGH" she stomped her foot and walked away
We laughed and ran up the stairs. Actually Abby ran up the stair I can't really run so I
just went up faster than normal.
We ate a granola bar and went back down.
The girls where introducing themselves to the boys. Liam saw us an walked over to
me. Abby walked over to Louis.
"What's your name?"
"Hailey" I replied kind of nervous, I always get nervous when people come to adopt
"How long have you been here?"
"Um... 2 years" Oh no now he is going to ask why and I don't want to talk about it
"Nice meeting you Hailey" He said smiling. He didn't ask a thing about my past, yay
I could see the other girls trying to get their attention or something
C'mon girls, 3 are dating and even if they weren't, they're too old for you! is all I
wanted to tell them but I kept my mouth shut.
We hung out with them for about another hour and half. Mrs. Deyes finally came out
of her office and told us to go to our rooms. We all ran up and the boys went into her
after about 30 minutes Mrs. Deyes opened our door without knocking as always.
"Today is your luck day girls" she said smiling "Both of you are getting adopted today
by the lads"
Abby and I both looked at her with wide eyes
"Get your things packed, you're leaving in 30 minutes" She closed the door and we
started squealing.
We quickly packed all of our things and put them in our suitcases -we had 2 each. We
tore down out posters and stuck them in there. We ran out of the rooms and went
downstairs to where the boys, Mrs. Deyes and everybody else. In total there where 50
kids in the orphanage (48 now since we're leaving). They put our suitcases in the car
and we said out good byes and hugs and all that. Mrs. Deyes told them to go to their
rooms. They did as she said and she turned back to us
"Liam is the one officially adopting you but you will be living with all of them since
they live together. We nodded and told her good bye. We got into the car and were
Chapter 3: Hanging Out
*Abigail's P.O.V*
"So you know about us, but we don't know that much about you" Liam said still
looking at the road though
"Let's play 20 questions!" I exclaimed/suggested
"Me first!" Louis yelled "What is you'r favorite color?"
"Green" (Abigail -me)
"Turquoise" (Hailey)
"Favorite hobbys?" Zayn asked us
"Singing, dancing like a lunatic, drawing and colring" (Hailey)
"Rollerblading, skateboarding, drawing and biking" (Abigail -me)
The questions continued but they thankfully didn't ask anything about our past.
"Last question!" Niall exclaimed "I can't believe we didn't ask this before but when is
your birthday?"
"December 12th 2000" (Abigail -me)
"July 15th 2000" (Hailey)
"Abigail! your birthday is 12 days before mine and Hailey's is the day before
Eleanors!" Louis squealed
"We're here" Liam said pulling up to the house
Hailey and I got out of the car and looked at the house that was more of a mansion
than a house.
Hailey let out a low whistle "That's a big house" She mumbled
Harry chuckled "C'mon” we followed him inside. The house was even bigger on the
"Your rooms aren't ready yet because we didn't think that we would be adopting
someone today but they will be soon" Liam told us "you can sleep in the guest
bedroom beside my bedroom if you want though, it is a girl room because my two
sisters sleep there when they come to visit"
"Sure" Hailey said picking up her suitcase
"You're so squiriferous" She complemented him. He looked at her confused
"It means having the quality of a gentlemen" I explained "She's good with words
"Oh" he said understanding
"Let me take it" Harry said taking her suitcases. Zayn took mine and they walked up
the stairs. We followed them. They opened the door and put our things in.
"Thanks" Hailey and I said at the same time. They smiled and walked back
down. We looked around the guest room. It was pretty nice (
We put our things beside whatever bed we choose and took turns in the shower since
we didn't take one this morning.
We both put on out matching tank tops that say 'She is my Best Friend' on it with a
Mikey mouse hand pointing either left or right. Hailey put on some black high-waist
black jeans, white TO
MS, dried her hair and put it in a braided ponytail, put on some mascara, lip gloss,
black flower studs in her second hole and disk earrings in the first and lipped on some
bracelets. (
I slipped on some white skinny jeans, black high-top sneakers, lip gloss. I dried my
hair -its already strait so i dont really hae to do much with it- and put on a duck bill
flat cap on. I put on some silver heart studs, a sliver heart necklace, a bracelet that
says Love and some sunglasses (
We went down stairs to find the boys watching Sponge Bob so we sat down with
them. When it was over Liam asked what we wanted to do. Hailey suggested
shopping and Louis started squealing so the boys put on hats an sunglasses as a
'disguise' and we all got in Liam's car and turned on the radio. We sang to whatever
was on the radio. We finally got there, parked and walked in. Us girls only bought
some small things, like, I got some hats and Hailey got some makeup. They boys
didn't really buy that much. They thankfully didn't get noticed because everyone that
would notice them was at school since it's 10:35 on Wednesday in April. We went
home around 12 an called Paul to pick up some pizza. When he got here Louis
introduced us.
"Paul, Abigail, Abigail, Paul, Paul, Hailey, Hailey, Paul"
"Nice to meet you Abigail and Hailey" He said before walking out.
There were 6 pizzas on the table; 2 cheese, 2 pepperoni, 1 Hawaiian, 1 supreme and 1
with all meat. We all dug in. Except for Hailey, she eats like a bird. She has 2 pieces
of Hawaiian and one piece of cheese which is alot to her. \
We decided to watch Doctor Who then went to the rec room to play video
games. After that Hailey went up to the room to write in her diary/journal. I wonder
what she writes in that thing
*Hailey's P.O.V*
May. 31st. 2013
'Dear Diary,
Abigail and I got adopted today by One Direction!!! Can you believe it?! We've
gotten along a lot faster than I expected aaannndd TOMORRO THE FIRST DAY OF
JUNE! Well I got to go. See ya tomorrow!'
There was a knock on the door.
"Come in" I said putting my diary away
Liam walked in "Abby told us that you were up here so I just wanted to see what you
were doing"
"Just writing in my diary" I said smiling "I've had it ever since I was 8" he nodded
"Since you're the one that officially adopted us does that make our last name Payne?"
I asked him randomly
"I guess so yeah"
"Hailey Marie Payne and Abigail Grace Payne I like it" I said smiling at him. He
already felt like a brother. They all do.
He chuckled "Want to go back to the rec room?"
The rest of the day was spent hanging out either in the back yard
or rec. room and watching TV
We ha Chines food for dinner then watched Tangled. After that Abby and I told the
boys good night. Liam told us that our bedrooms would be done tomorrow afternoon.
Abby and I brushed out teeth and put our PJ's on
( Hailey cookie
monster Abigail Elmo)
"Night Abby" I said turning off the lights
"Night Hailey" She yawned
After a couple minutes we were fast asleep.
Chapter 4: You'll See Her Again
"They're so cute when they're sleeping!" I heard Louis say
"Should we wake them up?" Harry asked
"Let's play a prank on them" Louis suggested
"No" Liam scolded
I opened my eyes and rolled over to see the boys at the foot of out beds. Abigail was
still fast asleep.
"Morning boys" I yawned
"Why won't she wake up?" Louis complained pointing at Abigail
"She's used to me waking her up but you can do it Louis, all you have to do is yell
wake up in her ear"
He grinned, leaned close to her ear, took a deep breath and yelled
Abigail jumped and fell out of bed
"What the heck Louis?!" she asked as she got up
"I just wanted to wake you up" He said in a baby voice making us laugh
"What's for breakfast?" I asked as I sat up and stretched
"Pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs and juice" Harry replied
"This is going to be the best breakfast I've had in a while"
"No more oatmeal everyday" Abby yawned
We went down stairs to have breakfast and Harry put what we wanted on our plate.
We all just sat down wherever.
"What are we doing today?" Abigail asked with a mouthful of pancakes
"This morning we're going to meet Eleanor, Daniel and Perrie at Starbucks and after
that an interview and at 5 a concert here in London" Liam said
"Do you have a phone?" He asked out of the blue
We shook our heads
"Well how bout after the interview we go and buy you each one?"
"No, you don't have to" I told him
"Well, next month we have to go on tour for two months so we have to keep in touch
somehow" he pointed out
"Fine" I mumbled
"Perrie just text me that they'll be there in an hour" Zayn said
looking up from his phone. Abigail and I went up to get ready.
We put our hair in a bun and took turns in the shower. Abigail
put on a white tank-top with a hot pink cross with drippy thingys
on it with some pink shorts, pink high-tops, pink lip gloss, pink
studs, sunglasses and her long hair was in a braided ponytail
I put on a t-shirts and some black shorts. I put on some orange Vans to match the
top. I put my hair into a braided ponytail and put on some mascara and lip gloss. I
put on my nerd glasses, orange studs in my second hole, some dangly orange earrings
in the first and a black pearl bracelet to finish off the outfit
We went downstairs to find the boys putting sunglasses and hats on
"Liam?" I asked
"Earlier you said that next month you're going to be gone for two months"
"What day exactly?"
"Earlier than I expected"
"When 3 weeks"
"When are you coming back?"
"1 week before school starts"
"So you're not going to be here for my 13th birthday and we're going to be here alone
for 2 months?"
"Yes, but we'll be back before you know it and you'll forget we were even gone, I
"But mommy, I don't feel good why can't you stay?"
My mom kissed the top of my forehead
"I'll be back so soon, you'll forget I was gone"
"Promise?" I asked her
That was the day she was shot at work.
*end of flashback*
I but my bottom lip "I'll be right right back" I mumbled before running up stairs. I
ran into the bedroom and started sobbing on my bed. I heard the door open but I
couldn't see who it was because my face was buried in my pillow. I could feel them
sit beside me and started rubbing my back trying to calm me down. It didn't because
that's what my mom used to do so I started sobbing even harder remembering my
mom and my past. They stopped and just sat there. I finally was able to control
myself and sat up and face them. I sat up and dried my tears. I saw Louis sitting
beside me
"Do you want to talk?" He asked
I shook my head "We have to go see the girls, I'll be down in 15
minutes just let me-"
"The others can go, you and I can stay here and see the girls
after the interview"
"Really? you would do that?"
"Thanks Lou"
He smiled
He text the boys telling them the plan. He turned to me.
"What's wrong?"
I told him everything I remembered about my past. My mom, my dad, the elderly
couple, first day at the orphanage, not having friends until Abby, everything and he
just sat there and listened.
"What made you think of all that?" He asked when I was done
"Well what Liam said about forgetting you were gone was what mom said before
leaving to work the day she got shot"
"Do you remember the entire conversation?"
i nodded my head
"I wasn't feeling good so I asked her to stay home, she told me that she had to go but
that she'll be back so soon that I would've forgotten that she was gone. I asked her if
she promised and she did. She never came home"
"You know what?" He asked
"She hasn't broken the promise"
"What do you mean she's dead of course she did"
"You will see her again" He said
"I can't tell you exactly when because I don't know but you will and when you do
you'll forget she left"
I nodded my head and hugged him. I went into the bathroom took my makeup off,
splashed my face with cold water a couple times but didn't mind putting makeup back
on since they'll be putting makeup on me before the interview. I walked back into the
room to see Louis sitting on my bed on his phone.
"They're going to pick us up for the interview in about 5 minutes"
I nodded.
They came to pick us up and we got into the car and where of
Chapter 5: I feel famous!
*Niall's P.O.V*
Louis told us about Hailey's mom while we were in the dressing room. She really
opened up to him. She probably just needs someone to listen and actually care.
We walked out to wait for the girls. After about 15 minutes both girls walked out
smiling. Hailey was wearing a dress with small designs on it with black fabric around
the waist and at the bottom of the dress, black sandals, the ends of her hair curled,
some mascara, lip gloss, turquoise earrings, and some black bracelets
( Abby was wearing a dress that was kindof denim at the tops,
a peachy orange belt and white at the bottom, peachy orange sandals, her hair done in
a waterfall braid, some mascara, white studs and some lip gloss
"You two look nice: I complemented
"Thanks, you guys do to" Abby said. Both girls smiling and blushing.
We were told to get on the stage thing so we all hurried on. There was a couch and
two chairs on both sides on it. We sat in this order :
Abby on the chair on the left, Louis, Zayn, Harry, me, Liam, and Hailey sitting in the
chair beside Liam.
"Were on in 5,4,3,2" We heard a camera man say. The interviewer lady was already
on set.
"Hello everybody, we're here with the biggest boy band since the Beatles, One
The crowd cheered and we smiled. I looked at Abby and Hailey and could tell that
they were nervous.
"I see that you also brought two young ladies with you"
"Yes, this is Abigail" Liam said pointing at Abby "and this is Hailey" he pointed at
Hailey. The girls smiled.
"And you adopted them correct?"
"Yes, we adopted them yesterday" Zayn said
"Abigail, could you tell of some about your past?"
"Um, yeah, I passed out in the snow and woke up in a hospital and they put me in an
orphanage where I loved for two years up until yesterday" Abby replied awkwardly
"What about your parents? What happened to them?"
"I'm not really sure"
The interviewer nodded
"How about you Hailey?" she asked looking at Hailey
"Um" she looked at us nervous
"She lived in the orphanage for 3 years" Abby said allowing Liam
to whisper something in Hailey's ear
"How did you get there?" The interview asked
"I don't really want to talk about it now" Hailey responded a bit more confident
"Maybe some other time"
The interview nodded a bit disappointed. Why can't she understand that she doesn't
have to talk about her mom dying and who knows what else. The interview started
asking us questions.
"That's all the time we have for today, but we'll see you next week with Adele"
"and cut" we heard someone yell
We walked of the stage thing.
"I feel famous!" Abby exclaimed
"Do you always get asked to tell them everything?" Hailey asked
"If you don't want to just say so like I said" Liam said and she nodded. We went back
to the dressing rooms and changed into what we were wearing before.
"Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle are going to meet us at the apple store near our house"
Louis said as the girls walked out of the dressing room.
Liam brought his car so we all hopped in and drove to where we're going to meet the
"Abby, what you said about your past, was it true?" Zayn asked
"Can you tell us?" Harry asked
"You are our brothers after all"
"You consider us brothers already?" Louis asked
"Yeah" She took a deep breath "My parents treated me like a slave and wanted
nothing to do with me. I slept in the attic on a mattress on the floor. On my 10th
birthday10 they threw me out, literally, my dad threw me over his shoulder, opened
the door and threw me out" She exhaled and said "To be honest with you guys I was
kinda happy it happened?
"What where you Happy?" Harry asked
"They would hit me if I didn't do something right and call me worthless and stuff like
that" She explained "But Hailey helped me out" She said looking at Hailey and smiled
We kept talking but not about any ones past. When we got there we saw Eleanor,
Danielle and Perrie standing outside. Eleanor had two phone boxes in her hands. We
parked and got out. Louis grabbed Hailey's hand and ran towards the girls and we
walked behind him.
"Hailey, this is Zayn's girlfriend Perrie" He said introducing then
"Nice to meet you Hailey" Perrie smiled
"Nice to meet you too"
"And this is Liam's girlfriend Danielle" Louis said pointing at Danielle
"Nice to meet you Hailey, I was disappointed when you weren't able to come this
"Nice to meet you too" Hailey said unsure of what to say
"And this is my beautiful girlfriend Eleanor"
"It's nice to meet you Hailey, you can just call me El if you want to by the way"
"Nice to meet you El" Hailey smiled
"I have to go to an interview, but I'll see you at the concert" Perrie said. We said good
bye and she rushed off.
We went back to the house to hang out with Eleanor and Danielle. We all decided to
go swimming in the back yard ( Eleanor and Danielle
had bathing suits here so they didn't have to go back and get them.
"You'r room will be ready at 2" Liam said as we walked into the house
"What time do you have to go?" Abby asked him
"At 2 but you girls don't have to be there until 5 since you're going to be backstage"
He explained. They nodded and we all went to get our bathing suits on. (The
boy's baiting suits
We got out before the girls, so Harry started cooking lunch (Hot
dogs, hamburgers and fries and chips that we got at the
store). While he was cooking the girls walked in
"Man does it smell god in here" Abby said walking into the
kitchen. She was wearing a polka-dot two piece with turquoise
flip flops. Her hair was down and kinda wavy where the braid
was since she took it out. She was holding a monkey towel
"MmmHmm" Hailey said walking in behind her. She was wearing a striped bathing
suit top and dark blue bottoms. She had on pink ombre flip flops and a black towel
with sunglasses, a diamond and a moustache on it
"Thanks" Harry said still cooking
"ELEANOR!" Louis said running over to her when she walked in
"LOUIS!" She said with the same enthusiasm
He tossed her over his shoulder and she squealed. He ran out the back door, into the
back yard and jumped into the pool still holding her. We all cannon balled in except
for Harry who was still cooking
"Lets play chicken!" Hailey said coming out from under the water
"Team up!" Liam yelled. After a couple minutes the teams where ready
Team Elounor (Eleanor on the top, Louis on the bottom) VS. Team Payzer (Danielle
on the top, Liam on the bottom) on the right side and Team Zabby (Abby on the top,
Zayn on the bottom) VS. Team Nailey (Hailey on the top, me on the bottom) on the
left side
"GO!" Liam yelled and we started
*Abby's P.O.V*
I was on top of Zayn facing Hailey who was on top of Niall. She did the "We are here
to destroy you" thing that Bob did from Monsters Vs. Aliens. I stuck my tongue out
at her and Liam yelled "GO!"
Just after a couple seconds Team Payzer fell into the water and Team Elounor raised
their hands in victory. Us on the other hand are still fighting.
Oh my gosh Hailey, look!" I said looking behind her. She let go and looked. I took
the opportunity and pushed her off. We raised out hands in victory
just like Eleanor and Louis.
"I can't believe I fell for that!" Hailey said when she got out of
the water. I laughed at her.
"Lunch is ready" Harry said bringing the food out. We got out
and sat in the grass. Louis and Eleanor playfully fed each other
"Ew" We all said at the same time. They rolled their eyes and
Hailey and I laughed.
"I can't believe you guy are going to be leaving in 3 weeks for 2
whole months!" Hailey said out-of-the-blue "I'm going to miss
you guys so much!"
"We're going to miss you too" Zayn said
"I have some question though Lili" I said calling Liam by his
"Yeah, what is it?"
"One, where are you going to be touring?"
"And two, who is going to take care of us?"
"Me" Eleanor replied "I'm going to come over and cook, do laundry and hang out, that
kind off stuff"
Hailey and I nodded.
We all jumped back into the pool for another hour before the boys had to go after we
finished lunch.
Hailey accidentally swallowed a mouthful of pool water Louis dared her to swallow,
bad idea. So yeah that happened
When we got out I ran inside before them and accidentally knocked over a lamp that
broke into pieces. I just stood there frozen. I saw everyone run in and I squinted my
eyes ready for one of them to start yelling.
*Liam's P.O.V*
"I'm going to beat you!" Abby said running ahead of us into the house like a little
kid. A couple seconds later we heard a loud crash and ran in.
There was Abby standing with her eyes squeezed shut surrounded by glass that used
to be a glass lamp. I walked over to her and stood in front of her
"Abby, what happened?" I asked concerned. She opened her eyes and tars started
building up in her eyes
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, it was an accident!"
Before I could say anything she ran up to the guest room and I ran up after her. She
closed and locked the door. I just stood in front of it.
"Abigail, open the door, I just want to talk about what happened" I said addressing her
by her name instead of nickname.
I heard her opening the door after about a minute. I kneeling down so i was a little bit
lower than her.
"Can you tell me what happened?"
"It was an accident, I promise"
"I know, you did nothing wrong and none of us even liked that lamp"
"So you're not mad at me?"
"Of course not, but could you tell me why you reacted that way?"
"When I did something wrong my parents would slap me and I still think that that's
how everyone is going to treat me even after being in the orphanage"
I looked her in the eyes and said
"As long as you're with us we will never hurt you and never even let anyone close to
you that we think will hurt you"
She nodded and smiled
We walked down stairs. The glass was already cleaned up.
"Abby, you'r leg is bleeding" Eleanor said. She looked down at her left leg that had
blood on it that I didn't notice before.
"It's probably from the glass" She mumbled. Zayn went and got the little fist-aid kit
and Eleanor cleaned it up and put a band-aid on the three cuts on her leg. She thanked
us and we went to get changed. The girls just threw on some T-shirts over
their baiting suit tops. We said good bye and called Paul to come pick us up
*Abby's P.O.V*
At 2:30 Hailey and I remembered that our rooms where ready and ran up to check
them out. Mine was beside Louis's and Hailey's was on the other side of Liam's
across the hall.
Mine was purple and orange, it had books, a chair with wheels, a computer, a desk,
two beds, and a TON of other stuff ( Hailey's also had two bed, it was pink and cream colored, it had a
laptop, a chair with wheels, and a lot of other cool stuff
( Both rooms had
bathrooms connected to them.
"I can't believe that these are our rooms" I said as we walked out of the guest room
with our things.
"I can't either" Hailey said nodding her head. We both looked at each other and
Chapter 6:
*Hailey's P.O.V*
At 4 wee all took showers and got ready to go to the concert. I put on grey t-shirt,
turquoise shorts and grey Vans. I put my hair into a ponytail and curled it. I put on
some mascara, lip gloss and pearl earrings in both my earring holes
I walked into Abby's room to find her putting her shoes on. She was wearing a black
t-shirt, light blue shorts, and some aztec high tops that she finally got on, a twisted
ponytail, some lip gloss and sunglasses (
We both walked down stairs and Eleanor and Danielle where waiting for us
"You're going to need these" Danielle said passing us back stage passes. She and
Eleanor both had some on. We called Paul and he came to pick us up. When we got
there there where Directioners everywhere and it was loud, real loud.
We got out and fans that where outside started screaming Eleanor and Danielle's
"They must really like them" I said in Abby's ear and she nodded in agreement.
We got backstage when the boys walked out of the dressing
room. Louis ran over to Eleanor and hugged her from behind
and Liam walked up to Danielle and intertwined his finger with
hers; I just smiled. Sadly Paul came in behind us and told the
boys that it's time for them to go on.
"Wish us luck" Harry said smiling, his dimples showing
"You don't need it" I said giving them a friendly wink at the end
before they ran onstage.
The fans went crazy at this point. The boys waved, talked a
little and started singing Live While We're Young and everyone
-including Abby, El, Dani and me- stated singing along.
The boys sang most of the songs on Take Me Home + What
Makes You Beautiful and One Thing. The boys goofed around,
changed lyrics and fall about 3 times on stage, gosh I love these
idiots haha.
At the end of the last song (Over Again) Zayn said that before
they go they had to do something. Abby and I looked at each
other confused, We looked at El and Dani and Dani smiled and
pushed us on stage and I surprised myself by waving and
"These are our sister, Abigail is the blonde one" Zayn
said. Abby waved nervously at the huge crowd even thought we
could only see the people in the first three rows "and Hailey is
the brunette" I kept smiling and waving. We ran off stage and
the boys waved and walked after us
"Why'd you do that?!" Abby asked
"They wanted to meet you" Niall said
"You could 've done a twitcam or something"
"We can do that some other time" Louis said
Abby just rolled her eyes and the boys went into the dressing
room. A couple minutes later they walked out and Eleanor
drove Danielle home and then went to her house and Paul drove
us home.
We ordered Nando's once we got home and about 30 minutes
later the door bell rang and Liam gave me the money so I could
get the food so that the delivery person wouldn't find out that
One Direction live here and start stalking us.
I grabbed all the food with Abby's help and payed the guy and
he drove away. We took the food to the table and gave every
one what they ordered
"Here you go Nialler" I said handing Niall his food -which let me just say was enough
for 2 people- . He looked at me with a strange expression
"What?" I asked him
"Did you just call me Nialler?"
"How did you know that that is my nickname?"
"Maybe I know more than you think" I said smirking
"What does that mean?"
"na na na" I sang out to the tune of their song and shaking my head
"Are you a directioner?" He asked
"Not telling" I said smirking enjoying this
I shook my head
"Fine" He said stomping away like a little kid. I started craking up and ate my
Once we we're done with dinner and I was helping Harry clear the table Niall walked
over to me
"Since you're good with words, do you know the exact name of my phobias?"
"Yeah, Claustrophobia which is fear of tight spaces and Ornithophobia with is fear of
birds or in your case pigeons"
"You are a directioner!" He exclaimed
I looked at him confussed "Huh?"
"I never told you my phobias but if you where a directioner,
which you are, you would already know them" He explained
"You sly dog!" I exclaimed. He just smiled satisfied
"Why didn't you say so?"
"You never asked" I shrugged
"Good point" He mumbled "What about Abby?"
"She's not a huge fan but she likes you guys"
he nodded and smiled
The rest of the night was spent watching Princess Bride, eating
popcorn, drinking soda and just hanging out.
At 11:00 Abby and I went up because we were tired.
"Good night" I said as I opened my door which was rite across the hall from hers
"Good night" She yawned walking into her room
I walked into my room, turned on the light, put my PJ's on, turned on the little lamp
on my bedside table, turned the lights off, crawled into bed, turned the lamp off and
sang myself to sleep (A/N I actually do that haha).
3 weeks later
I woke up at 8:00 to the sound of my alarm going off. I sat up, yawned, stretched and
got out of bed.
I got out of bed and walked over to my closet to choose something to wear. I chose a
purple tank top, sky blue shorts, purple TOMS, some sky blue flower earrings and
silver bow earrings.
I walked over to the bathroom, out my clothes on the toilet seat, TOMS on the floor
and earrings on the counter and stripped of my PJ's and hopped into the shower. I
washed my body and shampooed and conditioned my hair and got out. I dried my
body and wrapped my hair up with a towel. I slipped on my clothes and shoes and
took my hair out. I plugged in the hair drier and dried my hair. I put my hair up in a
messy bun, put my earrings in, put on some light pink lip gloss on and looked at my
outfit (
I sat on my bed and grabbed my diary and pencil. I opened it and went to the next
empty page. I havn't written in it for 3 weeks because we've just been hanging out
with the boys.
June 21, 2013
Dear Diary,
These past 3 weeks have been great. Except for the fact that
Danielle and Liam broke up because the paparazzi have been on
their case so much lately and he barely has time to spend with
her so they just had to end Payzer :'( He has been sad lately but
at least they have the tour to get his mind off of it. Well I have
to go because we're going with Paul to take the boys to the
concert. Eleanor is coming so she can say goodbye and drive us
back. Perrie wanted to come but she had an interview again =/
well that's about it so yeah
I closed my diary and set it back on my bedside table, got up and walked over to
Abby's room. I knocked on her door
"Come in" I heard her struggling British accent (I could tell that she was either putting
her shoes on or putting her hair in a ponytail because she sounds like she is about to
hurt someone lol)
I opened the door and sure enough she trying to out her hair into a ponytail. I
"Want help?"
I stood behind her and she sat down infront of her laptop and I put her hair into a
ponytail that she wanted somewhat messy but not really so I did my best)
She stood up, put on her sunglasses and looked at her outfit
( in the mirror and
We walked down to the kitchen/living room to find eating waffles. You could tell
they where sad because 1. Louis didn't yell Good Morning and run up and hug us, 2.
They are sitting at the table -they barely ever do that- and 3. Niall only has 3 waffles he looses his appetite when he's sad"You'r food is in the microwave" Louis said
"I'm fine, I'll eat them later" I mumbled
"Same here" Abby said
"What time is it?" Zayn asked
"8:00" I said looking at the time on my phone
He just nodded
"I'm going to miss you guys so much" I said as Niall pulling his phone out.
All of a sudden Back for You started playing and we all jumped and started laughing
"What in the world Niall?" Abby asked laughing
"I want you guys to know that we'll be back and that we're going to miss you"
I chuckled and the boys finished their breakfast and went up to get their bags. I
followed Zayn and just awkwardly walked beside him to his room
"So what time is Paul comming?" I asked
"In about 5 minutes" He said looking at me and I just nodded
He opened his room door and bent down to get his 2 suitcases beside his door inside
his room. When he turned back around I embraced him in a bear hug. He dropped
his suitcases and hugged me back.
"I'm going to miss you" I said while some tears where running
down my cheek. He bent down and faced and wiped the tears of
my cheek
"Why are you crying, we haven't even left yet"
"It's just that the last time I told someone in my family good bye
they never came back" I mumbled looking down
"Listen, I know that good byes are hard for you, they are hard
for all of us, but please don't cry" He said looking me in the
eyes. I nodded and hugged him again. He let go about 5 seconds
later, grabbed his bags and turned back to me and smiled. I
smiled back.
We went back downstairs to see Abigail opening the door for
"Hey Paul" She greeted him smiling
"Hello Abigail" He smiled
The boys put their suitcases in the boot (trunk) and got in.
"Wait!" I told Paul before running up stairs. I grabbed a photo album that I made with
pictures of Abigail and I for the boys and ran back down, grabbed the house keys,
locked the door and got into the car. The boys looked at it and then at me
"You'll see what it is later" I said. They looked at Abigail and Abigail looked at me.
"Fine" Niall mumbled
I put in my headphones, started listening to Ed Sheeran and leaned against the
window and just looked out of it. We were all quite -which never happensthe whole way there. When we got to the airport I put my phone in my pocket and got
out. They grabbed their things and we all speed walked into the airport since there
where a ton of fans outside. Once their bags where on the conveyor belt thing the
boys walked back over to us and we hugged them.
"I'm going to miss you so much" I said while hugging Harry
"I'm going to miss you too Hailey" He said trying to smile
I handed him the photo book, he opened it, looked at the first page, smiled and hugged
me again. At that point Eleanor walked up and hugged and kissed
him goodbye.
Paul told the boys that they had to go so we all hugged them
good bye and at that point there where some tears falling down
my cheek and you could tell that Abby and El were sad. They
walked away and Eleanor, Abby and I walked outside towards
the car. Fans started calling our name and we tried to smile.
Eleanor got in the drivers seat, I sat in the passenger seat and
Abby sat in the back. Eleanor turned the radio on and drove
towards the house. A Team by Ed Sheeran started playing and
when he started to sing the chorus I started singing along.
And they say
She's in the Class A Team
Stuck in her daydream
Been this way since eighteen
But lately her face seems
Slowly sinking, wasting
Crumbling like pastries
And they scream
The worst things in life come free to us
Cause we're just under the upper hand
And go mad for a couple grams
And she don't want to go outside tonight
"I didn't know you could sing" Eleanor asked interrupting me
"Because I can't" I mumbled
"Well I think you have a beautiful voice"
"Thanks" I mumbled again
We got to the house 10 minutes later and El said that she would some over to help us
with lunch. We nodded our heads and she drove away. I unlocked the front door and
we walked in.
"Did you give them the photo album?" Abby asked me as I put our waffles in the
microwave. I just nodded and waited untill the microwave 'dinged'.
The microwave dinged 2 minutes later and Abby put two on her plate and two on
mine, grabbed some silverware and sat down. I grabbed the jam and butter and sat
down facing Abby.
We both put butter and jam on out waffles and ate in silence. Abby broke the silence
"Ok, we gotta stop acting like this, get off out butts and do something for petes sake!"
I laughed and thought for a bit
"How 'bout we go to the mall, we haven’t been after that one time" I suggested
"How are we going to get there?" She asked
"We could ask El when she comes later"
"Ok" she smiled
We finished out food, washed our dishes and we decided to watch some TV. We
went on Netflix and decided to watch Sam and Cat.
"Cat's so dumbly hilarious!" Abby exclaimed laughing
"I know right?" I said giggling
By the time the two episodes where over it was almost 11:00 so I decided to text El.
Hey El :3
Hey Hailey, I waz just bout 2 text ya. Im @ mcdonaldz. Wat do ya want??
Just bring us watevr
Oh, im not able to stay 4 long, cuz I got a call and I gotta work =/
r u gonna have time to take us 2 da mall?
Sure, how u gonna get back though?
We'll take a cab
mk, see ya soon <3
luff ya El <3
luff ya 2 gurly xx:)
I smiled at the fact that El, Abby and I are like sisters. I put my phone in my back
pocket and told Abby the plan.
I decided to sit on the couch and wait.
I wonder what the boys are doing. I wonder how the plane ride is going. I wonder if
something has happened. I wonder if something is going to happen. I wonder if the
plane crashed.
NO! Hailey, stop this. Nothing is going to happen, they are going to fine and be here
in 2 months. But what if they aren't! UGH! they are, I know it. But how do i knowMy thought where interrupted by a text from Eleanor
Driving up 2 tha house
kk :)
I stood up and put my phone in my back pocket. I walked over to the front door and
unlocked it. I realized that Abby wasn't in the room so I decided to look for her.
I walked up the stairs and knocked on her door.
"Come in" I head her say. I opened the door and walked in to find her drawing
something. I sat down beside her to see that she was drawing a monkey
Wow, she's getting better every day
"You're getting better every day" I told her chuckling
"Thanks" She said smiling
"Elanor is about to-" I started but was interrupted my the front door closing and
Eleanor saying
"Lunch time girls"
"Comming!" Abby and I said at the same time.
Abby put her notebook on her desk and we ran down stairs.
"I have to be at work in an hour" El said when we got downstairs
"Ok" Abby said before taking a huge bite of her burger
"Calm down Abby, don't choke your self" I chuckled
She rolled her eyes and kept eating
I wonder at what time the boys will get to New York?
wait, its a 7 hr flight i believe and they got in the air around 9:30 so that would mean
that they will get here around 4:30 so they will probably get to the hotel around 6:30
or 7:00 so maybe we could facetime them after dinner and"Hailey!" Abby snapped me out of my train of though "Have you been listening?"
I realized that I've been looking at my burger this whole time
"No" I sheepishly admitted
" Eleanor has to go to work soon so she is going to drop us off at the mall and we can
take a cab back home"
"Ok" I nodded and started eating
I finished my food and we got into Eleanor's car. I got in the passenger seat and sand
in my head and stared out the
"You ok hailz?" Eleanor asked about 2 minutes later
I looked at her and smiled "No, I'm fine, just thinking" I said. She nodded and I
looked out the window again.
"I was thinking that we should get cases for our phones" Abigail said once we were in
the mall.
"Yeah, I think that there are three here, one on each floor"
We walked over to the first one and looked at the cases.
"How much are they?" Abby asked the guy selling them
"They are 13 pounds (20 dollars) everywhere in the store"
"Ok, thank you" I said smiling at him.
We looked at the cases some more and when up to the other one. We did the same
thing and walked up to the third and did the same again. We took pictures of the ones
we likes and went over to the cafeteria on the thrid floor and sat down at a table to
look at the pictures and decide.
I finally decided on this one
and Abby chose this one
We went to where ever we found them, payed for and put them on (out them on the
phone not on us) and decided to just walk around a little
"What do you think the boys are doing?" Abigail asked randomly
"Sleeping probably"
Abigail nodded
"What time are they getting to their hotel?" She asked
"Around 7"
She nodded
"Want to facetime them after dinner?" I asked her
"Sure" she smiled
We decided to go to forever 21 where i got some essentials and jewelry. Abby got
some necklaces.
We decided to go to a park close to the mall next.
* * *
We spent about an hour and a half at the park and decided to go get some ice-cream
since I'm starving. As we where walking I starting thinking about how much I missed
the boys.
I miss them so much! I miss Niall's accent, Louis humor, Harry's deep voice that
sounded hilarious when he wakes up, Liam's protectiveness over Abby and I and
Zayn's"Hailey!" I heard Abby yell right as I walked into a tree
"Crap that hurt" I mumbled rubbing my forehead
"Are you alright?" Abby laughed
"I think so"
We walked over to the ice-cream shop and ordered. We sat down at a little table and
eat out ice-cream
"So, we have two months to our selfs in our gigantic house. What should we do
first?" Abby grinned
"Well since we know nodoby here how about we just head home, watch some movies
and facetime the boys after dinner?"
"I like it" She smiled. We finished our ice-cream and took a cab home.
We watched 3 Disney princess movies and then started the fist Jason Bourne movie
when the doorbell run. I paused the movie and opened the door to see the pizza man.
"Oh, thank you" I said paying him and taking the pizza
I put the pizza on the table and opened the box. I got some plates out of the counter
and poured us some soda. We got our pizza and finished the movie. When the movie
was over I got my phone out and decided to facetime Liam. After a couple "rings" it
said that he was connecting. 5 second later all of the Liam's face appeared. All the
lights where off and it looked like he was in bed. Oh my god I just realized that there
would be a time zone difference!
"Oh my god Liam I just realized that there would be a time difference I'm so sorry" I
"I understand" He chuckled "So what have you girls been up to?"
"Mall, playgrounds, bumping into trees, ice cream, movies and pizza" Abby said
"Bumping into tress?" Liam asked
"I walked into a tree earlier today" I said
Liam laughed and someone moaned
"Who was that?" I raised and eyebrow and laughed
"I'm having to share a bed with Zayn here" He said facing the phone at Zayn showing
him under the covers
"Well we should let you sleep" Abby said "See you soon"
"See you soon" Liam smiled
We smiled back and hung up
"Jason Bourne 2?" I asked Abby
"Jason Bourne 2" She nodded
Chapter 7:Birthday girl
*Hailey's P.O.V*
It's been a month and today is my 13th
birthday!!!!! I'm so excited!
In the
past month we've talked with the boys about 3 times
because of their schedule and the time change and we really
miss them :( Abby, El and I are going to celebrate my
birthday this afternoon so I'm going to get ready for
the day :)
I closed my diary and got out of bed. I grabbed
my clothes and went into the bathroom. I put my clothes on
top of the toilet seat, turned the water on, took my clothes
off and got in. I washed my body and hair and dried off.
I put on my outfit
( and dried my hair and
put it in a
messy ponytail.
I was
walking down the stairs when I saw Abby, El and the boys at
the bottom of the steps. I squealed and ran down the
stairs jumping into Liams arms and hugging him. He spun me
around and kissed the top of my head. He set me down and I
got picked up and hugged by rest of the boys.
are you guys doing here?" I asked once they were done
hugging me
we felt bad about not being here for your birthday so we
picket up some gifts in New York last week and we flew in
yesterday and stayed at a hotel and came early this morning
to decorate the house with El and Abby" Niall
I looked
out and saw that the whole living room was decorated with
balloons, streamers and 'Happy Birthday'
"I love you guys so much!" I exclaimed
hugging Harry who was closest to me
"GROUP HUG!" Lou squealed and everyone
hugged us."Can't. Breath" I said and
everyone let go
what do you want to do first?" Niall asked "Cake
or presents?""There's cake?" I
is a party without cake and ice cream?" Niall
Asked. We walked into a kitchen and I saw a huge yellow
and white cake with butterflies and flowers on it (
) . My jaw dropped
and I put my hand in front of my mouth
"Who did
this?!" I asked"Me and Abby" El
"You guys are the
best""No problem girl" Abby
about we eat cake and ice cream while we open the
"I'll serve the
cake while you open presents" El
said"Ok" I said walking into
the living room walking to the coffee table to grab a
present when Lou smacked my hand
"You sit on your
throne and we shall bring you are presents" He said
pointing to the "throne" aka rose chair in the
middle of the room (
I chuckled and sat down. Zayn made a trumpet noise with
his mouth and said
hail queen Hailey" he said as the boys bowed. I
laughed as they got in line with their presents. Liam was
the first one in line so he stepped up and bowed and gave me
my gift. I smiled and opened the box to see a pair of One
Direction TOMS, an amazing cupcake beanie and inside the
beanie a little box. I opened the little box and pulled
out a little infinity necklace
"I love it Lili" I smiled and he smiled
backNext in line was Lou. He bowed and gave me my
I opened
the box and pulled out a white tank top that said TOMlinson,
a 1D phone case some bracelets
love it tommo" I said looking at him and he
smiledNext was Niall who gave me
some jewelry (
then Harry who gave me
sunglasses, a necklace to match his and some sandals
( and last was Zayn who gave me a
makeup bag with a TON of makeup in it
El gave us all ice cream
and cake and said that the gift that her and El got me was
on my bed so I ran up to my room to see black and hot pink
dress, black wedges, a black choker, pink flower earring and
a black bow bracelet.
( I turned around to
see El and
Abby standing in the door smiling. I hugged them
you so much!" I said
"We aren't done
yet" El smiled"What do you mean?" I
raised an eye brow
"You are going to
put this on and we are going to give you a makeover"
Abby smiled"Ok" I smiled and ran
into the bathroom with my new outfit and put it on. I
walked out and El patted my chair that spins that was in the
middle of my room. I smiled and sat down. Abby took my
hair out and brushed it while El put my foundation,
concealer and blush on. She then started to curl my hair
as Abby did my eye makeup. When El was done with my hair
they gave me a mirror and I looked into the mirror
"Wow" I
said"Ready to go down?" El
asked and I smiled and nodded
I stood up
and El and Abby walked down in front of me
"Introducing queen
Hailey" They said as I walked into the living room
All of the
boys looked at me wide eyes
"You. look.
fabulous" Louis said"Thanks" I
"Well I'm going
to get changed since I'm still in my Pajamas and then
are we ready to go?" Abby asked"Go where?" I
asked confused
"You'll see" Niall
Abby ran down a couple minutes later in her clothes
"Lets go" she
We all walked outside and I
saw that there was a limo parked in front of the house. We
all got into the limo and Liam looked at the diver and
are we going?" I asked
"I'll give you
one clue" Zayn said
"lunch"I didn't even realize it was
lunch time
"Well that was
helpful" I mumbled
We kept on driving for
about 15 minutes when Eleanor said "You need to put this
blindfold on"
"why?""just let me do it" She
said putting a black blind fold on me as the limo
Someone took my hand and guided to to where ever we
were going. I heard someone open a door and I felt a cold
breeze (aka the AC) Whoever was holding my hand let go and
covered my ears but then took my hand again and guided my
for a little bit and then stopped and took my blind fold on.
I gasped as I looked around (
"This place is amazing!" I said sitting
downWe all sat down and ordered our food. While we
were eating I turned to Liam
"How long are you guys going to be here?"
I asked"Three days, I wish we could stay
I nodded
my head and continued eating the delicious
When we
were done the boys payed for the meal and we went back
are we going now?" I asked as we got into the
"To the watch Lion
King the musical" Harry smiled"TO DO WHAT?!" I
"To watch Li-"
Zayn started"No I know what but I
can't believe it"
dinner (at their house)*
was the best day ever" I said as Harry put my plate of
food in front of me "Thank you guys so
"Your welcome" Niall
We ate dinner and Abby and I changed into our
PJ's and came back downstairs.
do you girls want to do now?" Liam
Abby and I looked at eachother and smiled. We
both grabbed pillows off the couch and yelled
Chapter 8: The Truth
*Abigail's P.O.V*
It is 1:00 and I'm still in my PJ's so I ran upstairs and put on my clothes
( and ran
Today we are all going to the park. The boys have been here
two days and tomorrow we have to go school supply shopping
so we are just hanging out today, enjoying the last days of
I got to the living room to see that everyone was ready. I
grabbed my fake glasses on the coffee table and nodded my
head as to say that I'm ready.
**at the park**
"Push me harder you weinie!" I heard Hailey yell at Niall who was pushing her on the
I cracked up at her remark
"If I push you any harder your going to fall of the swing!" He protested
"Well if I fall off I'm telling Liam that you pushed me as hard as you can and that I
have nothing to do it so push me harder and don't make me fall"
He started laughing and so did the other boys (except for Liam because he was going
back to the ice cream store to get Hailey, Niall's ice cream).
"What's so funny?" Liam asked standing behind me making me jump as high as Niall
probably (ok, not that high).
"Nothing" I said as we all smiled sweetly. He glared at us and said
"Hailz, Ni, here is your ice cream"
"ICE CREAM!!!" Niall yelled stopping Hailey and running towards Liam
"Lady's first" Liam scolded giving Hailey her ice cream.
"Let's play hide n' seek!" Louis yelled randomly
"Ok!" I yelled "You requested it, you're it"
"Fine" He mumbled
He closed his eyes and turned around
"One, two, three, four" He began to count as we ran to hide. We all ran different
direction and I saw that Hailey ran towards an ally that was right next to the play
ground so I followed her (she didn't know I was following her) when I heard her
talking to some one so I stopped
*Hailey's P.O.V*
"One, two, three, four" Louis started counting as he turned
around. I saw and ally right next to here earlier so I decided to
hide there.
I was about to hide when I noticed that a man standing there. He looked so familiar
but I couldn't remember who he was
"GO! Get out of my house! LEAVE!" My dad yelled. I ran out of
the house crying. Not knowing what to do.
"Dad?" I asked
"Hello Hailey" He smirked
"W-What are you doing here?" I said breathing heavily
"Looking for you"
"Why are you looking for me?"
"Well, after you left, I realized that I had to do everything by myself because I had
lost my slave so I am here to get her back and if you run away I will do exactly was I
did to your mother"
"W-What do you mean?" I asked still breathing heavily "Mom died in a shooting at
"So true yet so wrong"
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"It means that she did die in a shooting, but I was the one doing to shooting"
"No, you're lying"
"Oh, but I'm not, and that is exactly what I'm going to be doing to you if you try to
He wasn't able to finish his sentence because Liam yelled my name as all the
boys ran towards me so my dad did the same except for he was
I felt an excruciating pain in mt stomach as my dad ran up to me and grinned. I
looked down and grabbed my bleeding stomach. Niall yelling my name was all I
heard before I blacked out
*Abby's P.O.V*
"You go wait in my car. We'll be right back" Niall said handing me the keys and
running off with the boys. I walked over to the car, unlocked it and sat down. I put
the keys in the ignition about 5 minutes later in case we had to drive away quickly or
something and it's a good thing I did because right as I did Niall ran up with Hailey in
her hands. He opened the back door and lied her in there and hopped in the divers
seat and drove off.
"What happened to her?!"
"She go stabbed in the stomach by her dad. Call El and tell her to meet you at the
hospital closest to her house" He said not taking a breath and keeping his eye on the
road "I'm coming back as soon as she is in a room"
"What if the does the same to you guys?!"
He didn't answer making me even more nervous. I called El as we passed her house.
Once we got to the emergency room Niall got out of the car, opened the back door,
picked up bleeding Hailey who was moaning and speed walking into the hospital in
the time it took me to unbuckle, get the keys out of the ignition and get out.
Dang! he's fast.
I ran after him. He turned to me and told me to follow the nurse and ran back out. I
followed the nurse who was pushing Hailey on a bed thingy.
We walked into a room and the nurse rushed out. I got a text from El
What room r u guys in?
I walked outside and looked at the door.
I looked at Hailey who was waking up. Please let her be OK
"W-Where am I?" She asked "What happ-" She didn't finish her sentence because she
yelled out in pain
"Shh, Shh it will be OK" I said taking her hand "Your dad stabbed you, we're at the
hospital and El will be right here"
"Where are the boys?"
"Back at the park"
"No!" she yelled "Something will happen to them!"
"It's OK, nothing will happen to them, they will be fine" I said more to myself right as
El walked in
"Oh, my gosh baby what happened?!"
"Her dad stabbed her" I replied as El sat down by Hailey
She (Hailey) yelled out in pain and started crying
"M-My stomach hurts S-S-So bad" She cried
"The doctor will be right here, Hailey" I said as the doctor walked in
Thank goodness he is finally here
"What happened?" He asked looking at her
"She got stabbed in the stomach about 30 minutes ago"
He nodded his head and lifted her shirt up to examine the injury
"It looks like who stabbed her did it and then pulled it down another two inches" He
said looking at us "She is going to need surgery so, if you too could please wait in the
waiting room while we take her to get her surgery"
El and I nodded out heads, squeezed Hailey's hand and walked out and into the
waiting room. We sat down and El dialed someone
"Louis?".... "Yes".... "She's on her way to the surgery room".... "Thank goodness"....
"Ok".... "Ok".... "Love you too".... "Bye"
"Someone called the police and they got her father arrested. The boys don't have any
bad injuries and they are coming right over" She explained
I nodded my head, and 15 minutes later the boys walked into the waiting room with
bruises and small cuts
"You guys look terrible!" I exclaimed
Zayn chuckled "We feel terrible also"
The boys sat down beside us. I set my head on Louis's knees and closed my eyes.
* * *
"Abby wake up" I heard Louis say. I opened my eyes and stretched.
"Haylz is done with her surgery" He said standing up "The others just went to see her"
"Is she OK?"
"The doctor said she is, so I hope so" He said opening the door
to the room she was in earlier
Hailey was sleeping and everyone was in the room.
"She fell asleep just after we came and we are waiting for the doctor to come to tell us
when she came come home" Liam told Lou and I
I looked at her peaceful face as she slept. A couple minutes later the doctor walked in
and told us that Hailey will have to stay here over night, but can come home
We decided to head back home so we said bye to El and all got into either Niall's or
Liam's car.
"So" I said awkwardly once we got home.
"Hailey's dad is going on trial next month" Liam said back
"Are we all going?"
"I was going to go with both of you girls"
"Why both of us?"
"You're a witness"
I nodded my head and pulled out my phone 5:00
"Should I start dinner?" I asked
"Sure, I'll help you" Harry said so we went over to the kitchen.
I opened the cook book and we decided on making quesadillas. Once we were done
we put the quesadillas on a plate and brought them out to the living room.
Once we were done Liam said that he would spend the night at the hospital with
Hailey, so he went up to pack an over-night bag. He came back down and kissed the
top of my head and left. It was 7:30 so I decided to head up and shower and get ready
for bed.
I showered, brushed my teeth, put my PJ's on and got in bed. I played on my phone
for an hour and fell asleep at 9:00 hoping that Hailey gets better soon.