1364628884Syllabus For PHP Training

Syllabus for PHP Training
Table Structure
Div Designing
Video Embedding From Youtube
Map Embedding From Google
Meta and its Properties
Centering a website using both table and DIV
Form Elements including file tag form actions
What is CSS and Why it is needed
In Line CSS use
External CSS use
Common CSS properties including float, z-index, overflow, text-align, background image,
Colors, Hover effect and other
o Import CSS from another CSS
o Maintain Web 2.0 CSS standard
 Javascript
o Form Validation
o Events including mouse events, onChange, onClick, onSubmit, onKeydown, OnKeyUp and
o Alerts and Confirm Dialog
o Including external Javascript file
o Effects like CSS changes, Filling dynamically in an area, Passing values to different elements
using javascript
o Number Validation, Length validation
o Email validation
o Checkbox, Radio button validation
o Disable, Enable Submit button by using checkbox
 Jquery / Ajax
o Including Jquery File
o Form Validation
o Password Strength Check
o Effects like, fadein, fadeout, Scrolling, Banner slider, Content slider, Tabbed content panel,
Menu Drop down, Dynamic Tooltip, Photo Effects
 Use http://dynamicdrive.com for the codes. Let them learn by themselves. Help
them to use some of the mentioned function. Rest depends upon them
o CSS changes using JQuery
o Using External File contents using Jquery
o HTML editor implementation (Ckeditor)
o Calendar using jquery (Tigra Calendar)
o Normalization
 Help them to analysis any website and make tables as per the normalization. They
need to make a correct flow of data with normalized tables. It would be good if all
individual will prepare their own database for their own website which has to be
unique while you assign them
o Data type and what to use in which case
 Use of SET Statement
 Join operators
 Group_concat and aggregate functions, distinct function
 Group by, Having, Order by
 In, like, between operators
 Conditional Operators
o Date functions including get date after a month, year or day
o Filter using Date
o View, procedures
o Convert HTML to PHP
o Usage of include and require function
o For, foreach, while, dowhile, if – elseif-else, switch case
o String function, Date functions
 Generate new dates after 3 weeks, 2 months, 4 years and 7 days
 Use of mktime and strtotime
o Array Functions
o Database Connection
o Fetching from database using mysql_fetch_array(),mysql_fetch_object(),
mysql_fetch_row(), mysql_fetch_assoc()
o Use of mysql_insert_id(). Mysql_affected_rows(), mysql_num_rows()
o File upload
o File Validation
o File Writing
o CSV import
o CSV export
o Image resize
o PHP Class Concept
o Sessions, Cookies, Login and logout
o Running a backend and frontend session at a same time
o Blocking Sqlinjection by codes
o Error_reporting
o .htaccess
o Mail functions with headers and send attachment via html
 User Defined CMS
o Admin Can create menus for n levels, Menu Order needs to be set for the for the front end.
Also we need different menus for the header, sidebar and footers. At a same time any menu
can be placed in number of locations
o Admin add, update and delete pages using metaheader, meta description, page title, image
and CKEditor
o Admin can assign menus to pages
o At front end drop menus needs to be shown which is managed by admin.
o Front end should show the pages as per the contents and details set at the backend
o .htaccess usage for the front end to get html extension for any php files and by which we
can show n number of html pages for 1 page page
o Dynamic News ticker to be managed from the admin and can be found at the front end
o Site Banner can be managed from the admin and at the front end user can see the banner in
the slider
o Admin can manage the youtube videos and at the front end video gallery user can see all
added videos.
o Admin can see the access log of admin when admin enter the system. Which will be added
in file and in the database
o Admin can see all unique users IP address those are or were visited the site with days
 Wordpress
o Template addition and modification
o Use of plugins
 Right click block
 Contact for 7
o Use of widgets
o Use of short codes
o Menu Management
o Slider Management
o Post, Pages management
o Adding featured image