The Odyssey Journal Questions - Belle Vernon Area School District

The Odyssey Journal Questions
January 6
List 3 specific facts about the
Trojan War.
January 7
Decide if you AGREE of DISAGREE with each
statement and explain why in at least one
sentence for each.
1. The best travel is one that is well planned
and has no surprises
2. Good leaders are people who can think on
their feet
3. Fear is an excellent motivator
4. It is important to be able to adapt to changes
January 11
In as many specific details as possible,
explain the causes and events of the
Trojan War.
January 13
In at least 3 complete sentences
describe some characteristics,
personality traits, actions, etc. of a
January 15
In at least three complete sentences,
summarize Odysseus’ trip so far.
January 19
Odysseus is a strong hero; however, he has
some flaws. Identify one of his flaws and explain
how he shows this flaw and what problems this
flaw has caused already or may cause in the
January 20
Would you consider Odysseus to be a
true hero, even though all of his men
died along the trip home? Why or why
February 1
Summarize what has happened
so far since Odysseus has
returned to Ithaca.
February 2
Make 3 logical predictions about
what will happen in the
remainder of the story.
February 3
Explain why the following is NOT an example of
an epic simile, and describe what you could add
to it to make it an epic simile:
The boat swayed on the waves like a tree in a
February 4
1. Define epic simile.
2. Write a regular simile.