Hamlet Soliloquy Assignments Part One: Creative Writing (100

Hamlet Soliloquy Assignments
Part One: Creative Writing (100 points)
Choose one of your favorite soliloquies from Hamlet and write your own emulation.
Replace almost every word with a word of your own that serves the same grammatical
purpose (nouns with nouns, etc.). When appropriate (“To be or not to be,” for example),
be sure to describe an actual choice that you are facing or have faced. The goal is to
retain Shakespeare’s rhythm and structure while creating your own original, thoughtful,
creative, and engaging soliloquy.
Here are six soliloquies from the play:
Hamlet Soliloquy 1
Act 1 Scene2: O that this too too solid flesh would melt (Spoken by Hamlet)
Hamlet Soliloquy 2
Act 2 Scene 2: O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I (Spoken by Hamlet)
Hamlet Soliloquy 3
Act 3 Scene 1: To be, or not to be (Spoken by Hamlet)
Hamlet Soliloquy 4
Act 3 Scene 3 : Oh my offence is rank, it smells to heaven (Spoken by Claudius)
Hamlet Soliloquy 5
Act 3 Scene 3 : Now might I do it pat (Spoken by Hamlet)
Hamlet Soliloquy 6
Act 4 Scene 4 : How all occasions do inform against me (Spoken by Hamlet)
On your final copy, be sure to list the act and scene of the soliloquy that you are
emulating. Have fun!
This assignment is due on ___________________
Part Two: Analytical Writing (100 points)
Using three soliloquies, find a focus that you want to explore that uses all three
soliloquies. This can be such things as a common thread, the language, the relating of
it to Hamlet’s character, the impact on the audience, the impact on the play, etc.
Introduce your focus, use several thoughtful and poignant illustrations, and fully
analyze. This assignment should be 2-3 typed, double spaced pages. Use MLA
citations. You are not to use any outside sources—only the text and your brain, please!
This assignment is due on ___________________