Continuity and Change Over Time Essay

Continuity and Change Over
Time Essay
Rubric Explanation
What is the CCOT?
• Essentially the CCOT is a comparative essay
– Different from the Comparative essay in that the
comparison is made “over time” vs. “across space”
approach of the Comparative essay
• An analysis of the REASONS for the change
and continuity
• Places the continuity and change in global
historical context
Characteristics of CCOT Essay Prompts
• Establishes a baseline for time period
– Ex. 1450 C.E. to 1750 C.E.
– Does not necessarily follow the WHAP era’s
• Identifies a specific region or country of the
• Identifies a specific SPICE theme or themes
– Or a subject related to a SPICE theme (EX:
women’s status, migration, etc.)
Essay Reponses
• Must include analysis of at least ONE valid
continuity and ONE valid change
• Must be relevant to the time period given
• Must be relevant to the region given
• Must be relevant to the topic given
Rubric Explanation – Basic Core
• Has an acceptable thesis (1 point)
– An acceptable thesis must be explicit, be correct and:
• Be more than a simple restating of the question;
• Address the topic;
• Include some specificity in at least one of the following:
changes, continuities, social, political, interaction, cultural, or
economic aspects
• Addresses all parts of the question, though not
necessarily evenly or thoroughly (2 points)
– You must address AT LEAST ONE continuity AND
ONE change for each topic given
Rubric Explanation – Basic Core
• Substantiates thesis with appropriate
historical evidence (2 points)
– You should have AT LEAST ONE piece of SFI for
each continuity and change AND topic (Ex:
political, social, economic, etc.) you include in
your essay
– BUT the exact number of pieces of SFI is unknown
so try to include as much valid and relevant
evidence as you can!
Rubric Explanation – Basic Core
• Uses relevant world historical context
effectively to explain change over time and/or
continuity (1 point)
– Shows change or continuities with some
specificity through:
Comparison to other regions;
Historical depth;
Connection to global processes
Interactions among two or more regions
Rubric Explanation – Basic Core
• Analyzes the process of change over time
and/or continuity
– Explains the REASON(s) WHY something
changed or stayed the same over time
–YOU should attempt to explain the reason(s) for
EACH change and continuity you include
(because we don’t know what the standard will be
when we write our essays)
Rubric Explanation – Expanded Core
• Has a clear, analytical, and comprehensive thesis
• Analyzes all issues of the question (as relevant):
global context, chronology, causation, change,
continuity, effects, content)
• Addresses all parts of the question evenly
• Provides ample historical evidence to
substantiate thesis
• Provides links (PLURAL) with relevant ideas,
events, trends in an innovative way.
Pitfalls of the CCOT
• Addressing only changes and not continuities
• Failing to analyze the reasons for the change
and/or continuity
• Failing to include valid evidence relevant to the
time period or topic (CONTENT, CONTENT,
• Failing to address the given topic (address Social
aspects and not Political)
• Failing to make a global connection to the change
and/or continuity
• Not adding specificity to your thesis