Writing an in-class DBQ essay WHAP style

Writing an in-class
DBQ essay WHAP style
Using your ten and forty minutes properly
On the testing day there will be no rubric so try to remember this:
T-thesis should always address task (underline and return back to
it) it should be in the introductory paragraph
E- evidence should come from the documents cited and with…
A- analysis explaining how the evidence supports persuasively your
M-meaning of the documents and how they can provide
understanding of how they support your thesis and how they can
Grouped- by theme, time, region, perspective, class in a least three
ways .
A-additional document or missing voice. What kind of additional
document or perspective would add a stronger narrative and what
value would it provide and
P; Point of view or as of at least 2(3 would be better) documents.
What to do with the ten
minutes given
Underline the task and revisit often because you
will need to address it in your thesis
Look at sources and see if you can identify ways to
group them
Are there any obvious biases (title, region, rank,
gender, date)?
Underline key pieces of info like data, strong
wording, caricatures, personal knowledge about
the document.
O Introduce what you know about the subject
O Write down thesis ( get it out of the way)
O Write down additional document and its
importance (although it makes good writing
sense to put it in the conclusion, you are just
writing a rough draft and have gotten 2
points done in the intro)
O Remember, you can’t make it to the
expanded core until you get all the basic
Additional document mad-lib
An extra document that would help the analysis would be a (specifically
identified type of document) written by a (specifically described
person). This document would be helpful to the analysis
because (rationale).“
An extra document that would help my analysis is from, for example, a
political treatise written by a fascist or Nazi political scientist, someone who
believes that "deserving the power you hold" is a weak idea and that "power"
should be seized without regard to "deserving it." This extra document would
be useful because it would explain the point of view of a
political theoretician who, unlike all the others, believes that somehow
justifying the "right" to hold power is nonsense and calls the rationalizations
of the other authors into question
O Try more then one if you have the time
O After the ten minutes, you should have a
pretty good idea of at least three groups.
O Each group will be a separate paragraph
which utilizes the evidence and analysis
persuasively to support the thesis (already
underlined in the task.
O Should begin filtering in appropriated POV
POV mad-lib
O (Person writing the document), a (RELEVANT description of the person),
point of view about (group subject) is (emotional or analytical state) because
(explanation of why the person thinks the way he does). (Person) is
(reliable/not reliable) because (explanation).
Adolf Hitler's point of view about the Jews of Europe while Chancellor of Nazi
Germany was one of revulsion and disgust because of his ongoing and firm
belief that they were a genetically "dirty," barbaric race responsible for all the
world's evils. While Hitler's point of view about Jews is a reliable source in
understanding Nazi ideology because he was mostly responsible for shaping
its racial theories, his point of view about Jews is not reliable when
evaluating the state of Jews' actual influence in the world because
of the rabid hatred that led him to believe that they wielded more power than
they actually had."
Now the expanded core
O Provide a historical context: this is where you
show what you know about a subject
Provide global historical
More POV
Provides full analysis (explains why)
More Additional documents
Remember, you can’t get to the expanded
core until you fulfill all of the criteria for the
Basic Core
Historical skills and knowledge required to show competence.
1. Has acceptable thesis.
1 Point
2. Understands the basic meaning
of all documents.
(may misinterpret one document)
1 Point
3. Supports thesis with appropriate
evidence from all documents.
(Supports thesis with appropriate
evidence from all but 1 document)
2 Points
4. Analyzes point of view in at least
three documents.
1 Point
5. Analyzes documents by grouping
them in at least 3 ways, depending
on the question.
1 Point
6. Identifies and explains the need for 1 Point
one type of appropriate additional
document or source.
Expanded Core
Historical skills and knowledge required to show excellence.
Expands beyond basic core of
1-7 Points. The basic core of a
0-2 Points
score of 7 must be achieved
before a student can earn expanded
core points.
 Has a clear, analytical, and comprehensive thesis.
 Shows careful and insightful analysis of the documents.
 Uses documents persuasively as evidence.
 Analyzes point of view in most or all documents.
 Analyzes the documents in additional ways – groupings,
comparisons, syntheses.
 Explains why additional types of document(s) or sources are