The Catcher in the Rye - Parma City School District

The Catcher in the Rye
Chapters 10-12
Holden’s Quest for Companionship
Wants to call Phoebe
“You never saw a little kid so pretty and smart
in your whole life” (67).
Red hair like Allie
Person he likes and can communicate
“And when Allie and I were having some
conversation about things in general, old
Phoebe’d be listening. Sometimes you’d forget
she was around, because she was such a little
kid, but she’s let you know” (68).
Childlike and innocent
Lack of Self-Awareness
• Lavender Room
– Realizes he’s out of place
» “Also, there were very few people around my age in the
place. In fact, nobody was around my age” (69).
– Refuses to acknowledge his behaviors or actions
» “The other two grools nearly had hysterics when we did. I
certainly must’ve been very hard up to even bother with
any of them” (70).
– He feels like they want the interaction, they are
boring him- phonies
– Ridicules and criticizes those around
Lack of Self-Awareness
• Lavender Room
– Mocked and pitied
• “She kept asking me to call up my father and ask
him what he was doing tonight” (75).
– Calls them phonies, he is the one out of place
– Sees situation from a skewed point of view
» thinks he’s mature and suave
– “I tried to get them to stick around for a while, but they
wouldn’t” (75).
» needs to see true self: confused and depressed,
desperate for interaction
Lack of Self- Awareness
• Lonely
– “…it was one of those places that are very
terrible to be in unless you have somebody
good to dance with, or unless the waiter lets
you buy real drinks instead of just Cokes” (7576).
• Reality but makes excuses
Holden’s Relationship with Jane
Happy when he’s with her
Wants to protect her
– “I really got to know her quote intimately. I don’t
mean it was anything physical or anything- it
wasn’t…You don’t always have to get too sexy
to get to know a girl” (76)
She represents goodness, intimacy without
Childhood innocence
Holden’s Relationship with Jane
Close bond
– “She was the only one, outside of my family, that
I ever showed Allie’s mitt to” (77).
Reveals an intense and intimate moment with
– “Then, all of a sudden, this tear plopped down
on the checkerboard…I don’t know why, but it
bothered the hell out of me” (78-79).
– “The she really started to cry, and the next thing
I knew, I was kissing her all over- anywhere…”
» Intimacy without physical
Holden’s Relationship with Jane
• Mirrors Holden’s situation and how he
handles it
– “…I asked Jane what the hell was going on. She
wouldn’t even answer me, then. She made out
like she was concentrating on her next
• Holden won’t admit or turn to anyone for help
• Her innocence was taken advantage of?
– Holden couldn’t protect her
• May explain his preoccupation with Jane and
wanting to talk to her
Holden’s Loneliness
• Holden feels increasing despair and
isolation when not in contact with others
– “What made it worse, it was so quiet and
lonesome out, even though it was Saturday
night… It makes you feel so lonesome and
depressed. I kept wishing I could go home
and shoot the bull for a while with old Phoebe”
• Who he really wants to see
Holden’s Loneliness
• “’Do you happen to know the ducks that
swim around in it? In the springtime and
all? Do you happen to know where they
go in the wintertime, by any chance?’”
– Ducks may provide an answer
– Seeks companionship
• “’Would you care to stop off and have a
drink with me somewhere?’” (83)
– Alone with no where to go
Holden’s Quest for Companionship
» “Anyway, it made me feel depressed and
lousy again, and I damn near got my coat
back and went back to the hotel, but it was
too early and I didn’t feel much like being
alone” (84).
– Reality of his situation
Ridicules everyone
» “I certainly began to feel like a prize
horse’s ass, though, sitting there all by
myself” (86).
– Sees the reality - refuses to acknowledge or
take responsibility for it
Holden’s Quest for
– “It made me mad, though, when I was getting
my coat. People are always ruining things for
you” (87).
• Holden’s past encounters
• Feels that others have ruined things for him
– not been there for him when he needed them