Multimeter Directions

Multimeter Directions
Multimeters measure multiple things!
(Multi = multiple, meter = measure)
To measure electrical voltage in a
circuit turn the dial here:
To measure electric current in a
circuit turn the dial here:
DCV means Direct Current Voltage,
the type of voltage created by a
battery or a solar cell. The number 2
means the maximum voltage
measured is 2 Volts. Here the reading
is 1.12 Volts. If you are testing a 9
Volt battery, move the dial to 20 DCV.
DCA means Direct Current Amps, the
type of current created by a battery
or solar cell. The number 200m
means that the maximum current
measured is 200 milliamps which
equals 0.2 Amps. Here the reading is
5 mA which is equal to 0.05Amps.
Plug the black lead into COM port and the red lead into Volts and
milliamps port. In this picture, the multimeter is measuring the
voltage produced by the solar cell. It produces 0.528 Volts.