Chapter 15 – Protecting Your Safety


Chapter 15 – Protecting Your Safety Multiple Choice

1. The highest intentional injury rate, for both genders, occurs in which age group? A) 10-14 year olds 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. B) C) D) 15-19 year olds 20-24 year olds 25-30 year olds Answer: Page: C 388 Homicide, robbery, rape, and assault are all A) B) C) D) Answer: Page: capital crimes. non-drug related. crimes of passion. intentional injuries. D 388 For the United States, the bad news is that we have the highest homicide rate in the industrialized world; the good news is that A) B) over the last decade, the rate has been declining. it is still low compared to third world countries. C) D) Answer: Page: the increase in the rate has begun to slow. other countries are catching up. A 388 The higher rates of homicides seen in the early 1990s were attributed to A) domestic violence. B) C) illegal drug trafficking. gang related violence. D) gender specific assaults. Answer: Page: B 388 _________________ refers to violence committed against a domestic partner. A) B) Spousal abuse Partner abuse C) D) Answer: Page: Intimate partner violence Domestic abuse C 392 Clara’s domestic partner is a heavy drinker and has begun to physically assault her. Of the following, the biggest challenge to those who would help Clara is the fact that A) B) she has no practical options. she probably won’t report it. C) her partner is not doing anything illegal.

7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. D) social workers can only intercede if children are involved. Answer: Page: B 392 Women who are victims of violence commonly stay with their abusers for all of the following reasons EXCEPT A) they fear for their children’s safety if they were to leave. B) C) D) they fear for their own personal safety if they leave. they fear the law enforcement authorities. they fear a loss of economic support. Answer: Page: C 393 The extent of child maltreatment in the United States is unknown because it A) B) C) D) Answer: Page: is not a priority for law enforcement authorities. has not been well studied. is grossly underreported. is poorly defined. C 393 The most common type of child abuse is A) sexual. B) C) D) neglect. physical. psychological. Answer: Page: B 393 The majority of the cases of elder abuse in the United States are committed by A) B) C) D) Answer: Page: strangers. a brother or sister. the victim’s children. nursing home attendants. C 394 Violence prevention programs can help parents and caregivers learn how to do all of the following EXCEPT A) B) resolve conflicts. improve communication. C) D) Answer: Page: gain child custody. improve parenting skills. C 394 In the United States, guns are used to commit about _________ of the homicides that occur. A) two-thirds B) C) one-half three-quarters

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. D) one-tenth Answer: Page: A 396 The BEST description of a hate crime is a criminal act committed against someone because of A) B) his or her race. his or her opinions. C) D) Answer: Page: any characteristic. the criminal’s misdirected frustrations. C 391 When a person carries out plans to pursue an intended victim, he or she is committing the criminal act of A) B) assault. stalking. C) D) Answer: Page: voyeurism. entrapment. B 389 Which of the following is TRUE regarding rape? A) Women are typically raped by strangers. B) C) D) Rapes almost always occur in dark alleys or deserted places. Rapists are easily identified by their demeanor or psychological profile. The incidence of rape is underreported. Answer: Page: D 390 If you are a stalking victim, you should A) B) C) D) Answer: Page: call the police or a crisis intervention hot line. call the stalker and warn him or her that you will be notifying the police. avoid antagonizing the stalker with such actions as court restraining orders. erase all answering machine messages from the stalker without listening to them. A 389 Many experts believe that the primary motive for most rapes is the A) B) desire to take risks. rapist’s insecurities. C) D) desire for sexual gratification. desire to control and dominate the victim. Answer: Page: D 389 Callie narrowly escaped an attempted date rape, and she doesn’t want to repeat the experience. Of the following, what is the best thing she can do to protect herself on future dates? A) B) C) refrain from drinking date only in the daytime avoid going into dark places

19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. D) date only people that she knows Answer: Page: A 390 Which of the following is a common affliction among date rape victims? A) B) AIDS gonorrhea C) D) Answer: Page: bipolar disorder posttraumatic stress syndrome D 390 It is wise to enter the phone number of the person you wish to have contacted in case of an emergency into your cell phone under the contact name A) B) HELP. ICE. C) D) Page: MOM. SAFE. Answer: B 397 Jenny was leaning over the copy machine in a crowded office when a passer-by brushed against her buttocks. When she turned around, she saw a man and a woman walking away but couldn’t tell who touched her. Which of the following is TRUE about this incident? It is A) not sexual harassment if the woman made the contact. B) C) sexual harassment if the contact was intentional. not sexual harassment under any circumstances. D) sexual harassment under any circumstances. Answer: Page: B 390 The significance of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1986 ruling about the creation of a “hostile environment” in the workplace was that it A) made it possible for men to charge sexual harassment. B) C) D) made sexual harassment more difficult to prove. created a new category of sexual harassment. was sufficient to support the claim of sexual harassment. Answer: Page: D 390 Although there are several steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft, the MOST important step you can take involves A) continually moving to new locations. B) C) refraining from using the Internet. keeping your name unlisted in the phone book. D) ordering copies of your credit reports each year. Answer: Page: D 398 In 2005, unintentional injuries accounted for at least __________ deaths.

25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. A) B) C) D) Answer: Page: 90,000 100,000 115,000 130,000 C 399 Which of the following BEST illustrates an unintentional injury? A) A ski racer misses a turn and breaks a leg. B) C) A suicide attempt results in a nonfatal wound. A boxer’s punch aimed at the jaw hits the eye instead. D) Two children receive bruises from a playground fight. Answer: Page: A 399 In hopes of preventing accidents and personal assaults at your dorm or home, it is recommended that you do all of the following EXCEPT A) install smoke and or heat detectors. B) C) D) give out personal information to phone solicitors. use initials for your first names on your mailboxes. install a peephole in your door. Answer: Pages: Most boating fatalities might be avoided with the proper use of A) B) alcohol. helmets. B 397, 402 C) D) Answer: life jackets. radio communications. C Page: 402 In what proportion of boating accidents is drunkenness a factor? A) more than half B) C) D) one out of three one out of four one out of five Answer: Page: A 402 The cause of the greatest number of unintentional injury deaths in the United States is A) B) C) D) falls. poisonings. motor vehicle accidents. drownings. Answer: Page: C 399 Those at greatest risk of becoming victims of a fatal traffic accident are A) small children.

31. 32. B) C) D) teenagers. middle-aged adults. elderly adults. Answer: Page: B 399 Which age population typically has the highest rate of involvement in fatal motor vehicle crashes? A) 16-24 B) C) 23-29 25-33 D) Answer: Page: 65-74 A 399 Which of the following is NOT a safety tip for motor vehicle operators? A) B) C) D) Answer: Page: Regularly inspect brakes, lights, and exhaust system. Observe all traffic signs. Only wear safety belts on long trips. Never drink and drive. C 399


33. Approximately one person in ten is injured each year at home. Answer: Page: True 401 34. Caucasian and African American youth have the same risk of committing or suffering from a violent crime. 35. Answer: Page: False 388 Suicide is not considered an intentional injury. 36. Answer: Page: False 388 The homicide rate in the United States has dropped in recent years. 37. Answer: Page: True 388 The number of fatal injuries attributed to intimate partner violence has increased in recent years. 38. Answer: Page: False 392 The most frequent form of child abuse is sexual abuse.

39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. Answer: Page: False 394 Most victims of elder abuse are the parents of their abusers. Answer: Page: True 394 When an individual has abused once, he or she is likely to do it again. Answer: Page: True 394 From 2000 through 2007, the number of sentenced prisoners grew 15 percent, while the general population grew 6.4 percent. Answer: Page: True 388 Most homicides in the United States are committed with firearms. Answer: Page: True 396 A person who stalks you can be arrested in most states. Answer: Page: True 389 Rape is an act of aggression, not an act of sexual passion. Answer: Page: True 389 Research indicates that one out of five college women has reported being a victim of date rape. Answer: Page: True 389 The number one date-rape drug on college campuses is alcohol. Answer: Page: True 390 One important way to avoid becoming a date rape victim is to avoid drinking alcohol. Answer: Page: True 390 An action is considered sexual harassment if it is sexual in nature, it is unwelcome, and it bothers you. Answer: Page: True 390

49. Identity theft has been on the steady decline since the 1990s due to increased laws. 50. 56. Answer: Page: False 397 Alcohol use is not a significant factor in most types of unintentional accidents. 51. 55. Answer: Page: False 399 Most boating deaths are the result of internal injuries from collisions. 52.


53. List the most common beliefs about why the homicide rate is declining in the United States. 54. Answer: Page: False 402 Approximately 20 percent of all unintentional injury deaths within the home are the result of poisoning. Answer: Page: False 401 Answer: Some experts credit the enforcement side, with community policing including such efforts as cracking down on gang activity, drug dealing, and aggression on the street. Tougher criminal penalties in general have also received some credit, particularly regarding the use of handguns. There are also experts who attribute the decline to mandatory prison sentences. Trends such as less deadly drug conflicts and changing public attitudes about lawbreaking may also be factors. Page: 388 Why is family violence so drastically underreported? Answer: Some victims may have been in an abusive relationship for so long that they consider it normal. Some fear for their own or their children’s safety if they try to break with an abusive spouse. Many abused spouses depend on their abusers for economic support and are therefore afraid to leave that support. Some may feel that the relationship is worth trying to save. Many long-term victims no doubt feel powerless even to leave. Pages: 392-393 Describe some of the lasting effects of child abuse on its victims. Answer: Beyond the risk of physical injury to the child are the psychological risks: abused children are more likely to grow up to become abusers. They do more poorly in school than do children who are not abused, and they generally become underachievers. They are also more at risk of getting involved in criminal activity. Pages: 393-394 Describe some rape myths, and explain why they are myths.

57. 58. Answer: 1) Myth: Most rapists are strangers. 2) Fact: About 70 percent of female victims describe the offender as a nonstranger. Myth: Rapes occur in secluded places. 3) 4) Fact: Most rapes occur near the victim’s home. Myth: Rapists are easy to spot. Fact: Rapists tend to look like everyone else. Myth: Rape is not as prevalent as we are led to believe, because many reported rapes are 5) not really rapes. Fact: Experts believe that far more rapes go unreported than reported. Myth: Only women are raped. Fact: Nearly 10 percent of rape victims (19,670) in 2003 were males. Page: 390 List some measures you can take to decrease your risk of identity theft. Answer: 1) You can reduce your risk of identity theft by: ordering a copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus; 2) 3) placing passwords on your credit card, bank, and phone accounts; keeping personal information in your home secure; 4) 5) 6) 7) asking about information security procedures in your workplace or at your school; not giving out your personal information; watching your wallet; and if you are a victim of identity theft, visit the FTC’s website to find information on what to do. Page: 398 List some measures you can take to increase the safety of your home. Answer: Put deadbolt locks and peepholes on all outside doors and locks on all windows, and keep them in good repair. Make sure that all door locks, lights, and safety equipment are in good working orders. Make sure that all electrical appliances and heating and cooling systems are in safe working order and that flammable materials are stored safely. The installation of smoke detectors is recommended as well as having a fire extinguisher on hand to reduce the risk of injuries resulting from a fire. Prepare a fire escape plan. Be cautious with strangers who come to the door. Page: 397