Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships:
Maintain flexibility
Make people happier
Mean sharing and
talking openly
Include self-care
Follow fair fighting
Are realistic
Lower stress levels
Tips For Creating and Maintaining a
Healthy Relationship:
1. Keep expectations realistic. Accept people as
they are and do not try to change them.
2. Talk with each other. Take time to genuinely be
there and listen. Ask questions and share your
3. Be flexible. Change is natural so be open to
accepting changes and growth.
4. Take care of you.
5. Be dependable. If you say you will do something,
always follow through; this will make you more
6. Fight Fair. Be prepared for occasional conflicts. Negotiate
a time to discuss problems; don’t criticize; listen to what
your partner has to say; stay with the topic at hand;
apologize when you are wrong; ask for help when you
need it; don’t hold a grudge. If it ends up being something
major that you cannot resolve you can leave the
7. Show your warmth. Be open to share your feelings.
8. Keep your life balanced. Be sure to take time for activities
you enjoy. Spend time with your friends, it’s important to
maintain your independence.
9. It’s a process.
10. Be yourself!
Adapted from: Kansas State University
Characteristics All Healthy
Relationships Should Have:
Mutual respect
Separate identities
Good communication
Is This Unhealthy?
Ask yourself these questions about your relationship
Does my boyfriend or girlfriend:
- Get angry when I don’t drop everything for him or her?
- Criticize the way I look or dress?
- Say I’ll never be able to find anyone else who would
date me?
- Keep me from seeing friends or talking to any other
guys or girls?
- Want me to quit an activity that I love?
- Try to force me to go further sexually than I want to?
- Ever raise a hand when angry, like they are about to
hit me?
If your partner ever attempts to control you, make you feel bad about yourself,
isolate you from friends and family, and especially if they ever threaten to harm
you, you need to get out of the relationship fast!
Tell a trusted friend or family member about your situation and get assistance
leaving immediately.
This behavior is not acceptable and more than
likely will not improve.
This is not a healthy method of expressing love.
Ideas for Dates on a Budget
in the Greenville Area :
Bowling at Mendenhall Student Center
Ice Skating
Sporting events - students are often given free tickets
Artistic performances by ECU School of Theater and
• Stargazing at River Park North
• Pedal boats at River Park North
Free movies at Hendrix
Local bands
Rent dollar movies from Red Box
Find ECU student discounts at local restaurants
Visit one of Greenville’s many parks
Visit the Emerge Gallery & Art Center or The Greenville
Museum of Art