“…to explore what it is to be an entrepreneur
and in the world of business. More specifically, the
society will explore the melding of business and law,
including non-traditional paths for persons obtaining a
J.D. After exploration of these areas, “The
Entrepreneurial Business Law Society” will use what it
has learned to bring forth opportunities to the students
of Loyola and the community at large.”
What is EBLS going to do?
• Explore uses of the law degree, outside the
court room, in the world of business;
• Teach students how to promote a successful
• Empower students and the community to
begin their own businesses.
How is EBLS going to
accomplish its goals?
• Alliance with the main campus for an inhouse promotional workshop;
• Guest Speakers;
• Educational Competitions.
What will we do for the students
of Loyola Law School?
Share our knowledge with the students of
Loyola Law via:
Online Roadmap to Business Startup;
Promotional Workshops;
Skills Courses;
Daily Notes Bank;
Free Video Rental;
What will we do for the students
of Loyola Law School?
Assist members in self-promotion via:
Networking Bank;
Online Resume Posting Service;
Business Cards.
“If you have a friend,
you have a vote.”
-Huey P. Long