Journal Entry #1
What does your bedroom look
like? Describe it.
Journal Entry #1
Free Write
Journal Entry #2
What do you think the
world will be like in 100
Journal Entry #2
Everyone has his/her own ideas of
what makes a good friendship. In
your opinion, what do you think
makes a good friendship?
Journal Entry #3
Write about one of your most
frightening experiences. Use
descriptive words that will help
explain what happened.
Journal Entry #3
What character (book/tv) do
you most identify with?
Explain by giving examples or a
Journal Entry #4
For centuries people
have wondered about the
possibility of life on other
planets in the universe. Do you
believe in extraterrestrial life?
Write an essay persuading
others to share your point of
Journal Entry #4
Choose one:
• Video gaming systems are becoming
more advanced with each new
generation. Write a convincing
report about your favorite video
system, and why it’s the best.
• What is your favorite website?
Explain why it is so great.
Journal Entry #5
Your favorite television program
has been cancelled by the
network. Compose a letter that
would convince the producers to
bring back your show.
Journal Entry #5
You’ve been given a thousand
dollars to make a difference in your
community. What would you do
with the money?
Journal Entry #6
Everyone has a special skill or
talent. What is yours?
Journal Entry #6
Your class is making a box to be
seen in the year 2026. Write an
essay explaining the one thing
you would put in the box and
Journal Entry #7
My special day…..
Journal Entry #7
Most adults in this world have a job
of some sort. Think of the ideal job
for you when you complete your
education. Now, think of some
reasons why this would be the
perfect job for you. Write an essay
to explain why this is your ideal job.
Journal Entry #8
Your generation faces many problems.
Identify one of these problems that
you feel is the most important, explain
it, and propose some possible
solutions to the problem.
Journal Entry #8
There are some classes that you are
required to take in school. Many elective
courses (specials) are not offered at this
time. Think of one class that you think
should be available to students. Explain
why you think this particular course should
be offered at your school.
Journal Entry #9
If you could be any person for a day, who
would you be? Explain why you would
like to be that person for a day.
Journal Entry #9
Many teenagers complain that adults
expect too much of them. Many adults
think that teenagers do not help out
enough at home, at school, or in society
doing volunteer work to help others.
What do you think? Do adults expect too
much of you? Explain whether or not you
think adults expect too much.
Journal Entry #10
Students are allowed to drop out of
school at the age of 16. Should the state
lower the drop out age? What are the
pros and cons of lowering the age? Write
an essay discussing three pros and three
cons using supporting details to help
explain your position.