UK news

UK Funding
• PPRP Meeting on Monday 30th June
• Accepted need for urgent work this year
– no discussion on this
– but also no indication of the level of funds
• Focused questioning on a £12.5 M Scenario
We tried to justify that £12.5M wasn’t enough
They also tried to make us give a priority – Coils vs Tracker
Inform the PPARC view of OST bid
CCLRC is outside of / additional to this
• Meeting next Monday – JPB – Peach & Wade & Taylor
– try to persuade them to maintain a broad activity
Some Small Progress….
• KP has released hall for MICE clear out
• Cranes are being upgraded
• Consulting with ….
CMS detector group
RPA & Safety Advisor.…SHE (group)
Electrical Installations people…
Mechanical Services …
Home for MuScat kit….
Significant job of its own
RF Progress
• Meeting at CERN
• General agreement over schemes
• Hopeful that a significant part of the high
power RF (Power & Driver amps) can be
obtained from CERN/Los Alamos &
• Investigating to reach firm proposal
• Subject for next VC
• Project Management Methodology
• The RAL management, working together with the MICE
collaboration, needs to develop a full work breakdown
structure (WBS) or its equivalent. Such a document
should enumerate all the required tasks, down at least to
level 4, cost estimate each task as well as its basis, and
establish a resource loaded schedule. Such a document
is indispensable to assure that the costs and schedule
are complete and reasonable, that no essential tasks
have been left out and that the responsibility for each
part of the project is clearly defined. It will also facilitate
identification of important integration issues.
RAL Worksheet
“WBS to level 4”
1.1 A Work Package
1.2 RF Cavity Work Package
1.3 FTM Work Package
1.3.1 Design Specification Calculation Sign off
Production Vendor discussion Tender process Place Order Wait delivery Inspect & Acceptance
Testing (at Contributor site) Design test programme Setup test area Complete tests Sign off
Installation at RAL Package up Post off Deliver Site preparations Installation Test Sign off
1.4 T Work Package
1.5 C Work Package
Level 4
– who
– how long
(duration – work done)
– how much
(materials - $/£/€/¥)
– resource conflicts
Information Needed
• Absorber & Coils MZ
– Absorber MAC/SI
– Focus CoilsGB…
• Beam Line PD/..
• Cavities DL/..
• Coupling Coil MG/..
• Infrastructure II
• RF Power
• Solenoid
• Integration EB/II
• Cherenkov
• Tracker
– SiFi
• Software
– simulation
– Analysis