bio b syllabus at belmont high school

Syllabus 2011-2012
Mr. Herlihy - Biology
Teacher Information
Room: 121
Class website:
Office hours: Tuesday (3:30-4:30)
Class Overview/ Descripción de la clase:
This course serves to prepare you for success in advanced sciences classes at Stern MASS
and beyond. In preparing you for a college level biology course, we will study the fields of cell
biology, DNA, genetics, heredity, evolution, ecology, and human physiology.
This class is a college preparatory class and is part of the University of California A-G
requirements. UC schools will only accept credit if you earn an A, B, or C in this class.
Needed Supplies/ Utiles Escolares: Students should have the following supplies everyday:
1) Composition book
2) Markers/highlighter
3) Scissors
4) Pencils
Grades/ Grados:
Unit Tests…………………..
Unit Projects………………..
Open Note Quizzes………
Class work/HW...................
1/ unit
1-2/ unit
(weight =1)
(weight =1)
(weight = .5)
(weight =.2)
Class website/ Página web de la Clase: Parents and students should check the class website
(above) when absent from class or to find out about up-coming tests, projects, and quizzes.
After missing a class, it is the responsibility of the student, not the teacher, to collect notes or
reschedule a missed test. If a test/quiz is not made up within one week of an absence, it will be
counted as a zero in the grade book.
Bathroom & Behavior Policy/ Poliza de comportamiento y uso del baño: The Stern MASS
honor code will be followed in this class. Excessive talking during class will result in extra time
after class. Inappropriate language will result in cleaning desks after class (1 bad word = 1 desk).
Use the bathroom before or after class. If you must use the restroom, do so during an activity
(not during notes) and if you take over 5 minutes, you will be held after class.
Student/ Parent Acknowledgement/ Acuerdo entre Padres y estudiantes- - (return & sign)
Please sign and return: I have read and discussed this letter with my child.
Por favor firme y regrese: Yo he leido y hablado sobre las expectativas con mi hijo(a).
Parent Signature
Student Name (please print)
Parents: I can view the course website at home for important information:
Puedo ver la pagina de web para del curso desde mi hogar para obtener
información importante.
Syllabus 2011-2012
Mr. Herlihy - Biology
Course Calendar
Semester I
Major Labs & Projects
Pre-Unit: Scientific Method
Labs: Penny; Graphing
Unit I: Cell Biology
Unit II: DNA & Protein Synthesis
Unit III: Mutations & Biotechnology
Dec 15-16
Unit IV: Meiosis & Fertilizations
Labs: Is it Alive?; Enzymes; Diffusion
Cell Organelle Booklet & Cell Poster
Labs: DNA Extraction
SNORK Monsters
Labs: Mutations; Karyotype
Cloning: A How-to-Guide
Labs: Mitosis;
Meiosis Flipbook
Labs: Ugly Baby;
Genetics Flower
Unit V: Genetics
Final Exam
Semester 2
Major Labs & Projects
Unit VI: Genetic Variation & Evolution
Unit VII: Natural Selection
Unit VII: Ecology
Unit VIII: Human Physiology
Unit IX: Immune System
Unit XI: Animal Systems
Labs: Peppered Moth; Artificial
Selection; Fossil Lab
Labs: Teddy Graham Lab
Steps of Natural Selection
Lab: Energy Flow; Population; Succession
Biome Brochures
Heart Anatomy;
Human Physiology Man
Virus Life-Cycle
Immune Response Diagram
Labs: Sharks, Amphibian Dissection
May 16-17
Final Exam