Terminal Velocity Web Hunt

Ms. Kueh
Air Resistance & Terminal Velocity Web Hunt
Use the internet and your textbook to help you answer the following questions.
Suggested Starting Locations
Text pg. 64
1) What factors affect the amount of air resistance an object experiences? Explain each
2) How does the speed of an object affect air resistance? Be as specific as possible.
3) Imagine hanging your arm out a car window at slow speeds versus fast speeds. Explain
the different forces on your arm.
4) Look-up “Terminal Velocity”
a) What does it mean?
b) What is the NET force acting on any object at terminal velocity? How do you
c) Draw a series of Free Body Diagrams for an object dropped from rest (including
air resistance) as time progresses. The last diagram should represent terminal
5) Setup a velocity-time graph.
a) Using a dashed line, sketch the velocity of an object in free fall.
b) What is the slope of the line you drew? Why?
c) Using a solid curve, sketch the velocity of an object falling with air resistance on
the same graph.
d) Mark terminal velocity on your sketch
6) Imagine that a baseball is thrown down at a speed above terminal velocity. Sketch a VT
graph and describe its motion.
7) A skydiver with a mass of 85 kg. They jump out of an airplane.
a) Describe her motion for the first few seconds.
b) When they reach terminal velocity, what is the force of air resistance acting on
the skydiver? Include a FBD.
c) The skydiver now opens her parachute. Draw a FBD at that instant.
d) She then lands safely on the ground. Draw a VT graph for her entire jump.