Spring 2011
University of Montevallo Elementary Education Lesson Plan Format
Name: Jordan Smith
Subject/Grade level: Social Studies/4th
Date lesson taught: November 28, 2011
Group size: 28
School: Chelsea Intermediate
Goals: TSW learn the impact of the Trail of Tears on Alabama’s Native Americans.
National Standards: Time, continuity, and change
State/Local Standards: ALCOS 4.3
TSW list reasons for European
exploration and settlement in Alabama
and the impact of Europeans on trade,
health, land expansion, and tribal
reorganization of Native American
populations in Alabama
• Identifying the impact of the Trail of
Tears on Alabama's Native Americans
Student Participation
Letters to Andrew Jackson
Presentation of Letters
Content Outline
Exploratory Introduction
TSW be given a flattened paper sack.
TTW say, “The topic that we talk about
today might make you a little mad.
Crumble this paper throughout today’s
lesson to take out your anger.”
TTW put the Chelsea Removal Act
announcement on ELMO.
TTW say, “How will you get there? What
is your plan? How long will it take you to
get there? Consider all of your family
members. Turn and discuss with your
TTW display questions on ELMO.
TSW turn and talk. Two students will
rebel against this (planned and scripted my
TTW say, “Well if you do not leave, you
will be hurt very severely by my soldiers.”
TTW say, “Raise your hand if you can tell
me what you and your neighbor
Materials & Resources
Flattened paper sacks (28)
Chelsea Removal Act
Students Scripts (2)
Spring 2011
TSW share answers. (3)
Lesson Development
TTW say, “Was that fair? The same thing
happened to a group of Indians in 1830.”
TTW say, “Raise your hand if you can
name the four Indian tribes y’all learned
TSW reply (Chickasaw, Cherokee,
Choctaw, Creek).
TTW say, “Today we will talk about an
awful journey that the Cherokee Indians
were forced to take.”
TTW present powerpoint presentation.
Powerpoint presentation attached
Expansion Activity
TTW say, “Now flatten your paper sacks.
Paper sacks
We will use these to write a letter since.
Pretend that you were a child on the Trail
of Tears. Use a marker and write letter to
President Andrew Jackson and tell him
how you feel. Did you like being forced to
leave your home? Did any of your family
members die on the journey? Tell him
about your awful journey and how you feel
about the Indian Removal Act.”
TTW say, “I want the table captain to go
get 7 markers for your group. Do not get
yellow because it will not show up well on
this paper.”
Picture of Andrew Jackson
TSW write letter and present their letters
directed at the picture of Andrew Jackson
on the ELMO.
TTW redirect students if they begin to act
silly and laugh about this, reminding them
that this is actual history. Although it
seems hard to believe these harsh
conditions really happened in our country,
it was reality for many.
Accommodations: Use physical proximity and touch to help students focus. Ignore
attention-getting behavior for a short time.
Modifications: No students on IEP in this class.
Extensions: Draw a picture of your journey with your family on the Trail of Tears.
Spring 2011
Attention: All Chelsea Residents
Your and your family
MUST leave your home
immediately after school
today!!! You all must
move to Oklahoma. This
is a permanent move.
There is no time to
pack, no cars, and no
airplanes. GET OUT!
Europeans will be
Spring 2011
moving into your houses
as of 5pm today.
From: The U.S. government
How will you get
What is your plan?
How long will it take
Spring 2011
Consider all of your
family members.
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Spring 2011
Spring 2011