The Cardiovascular System

The Structure & Function
 To
describe the structure of the
cardiovascular system
 To explain function and link this to physical
features of the cardiovascular system.
 To follow instructions and physically “walk
through” the cardiovascular system.
 To work in pairs and discuss.
 To recall the component parts of the blood
and state their function.
 In
pairs, use the following labels to annotate
the diagram of the heart on your sheet.
 Left
Atrium; Right Atrium; Left Ventricle;
Right Ventricle; Pulmonary Vein;
Pulmonary Artery; Vena Cava; Aorta.
 State
the action that occurs in each of the
above sections e.g blood flows through here
at high pressure on its way around the body.
Max time: 10min.
What is meant by the term “Double
 In which chamber of the heart is the Sino Atrial
Node (SAN) located?
 What is significant about the SAN?
 Both sides of the heart pump in synchronism.
What does this mean?
 Each side of the heart pumps blood to a
different region of the body. How are the heart
and the adjoining vessels adapted to ensure:
No back flow?
Safe blood pressure readings (vessels do not rupture
under pressure)?
What happens to the pulse rate when:
Activity decreases i.e. resting?
Activity increases i.e. exercising?
 In
pairs, match the beginnings and endings of
the sentences in the card-sorting game.
 Discuss
 Check
 Max
findings with neighbours.
results with board.
time: 10mins
 The
blood is composed of four constituent
Red blood cells
White blood cells
Using the internet, research all, and state the
function of each.
Create a model of the constituents using household