Animal Testing

Animal Testing
By Carlos Robles & Vicente vargas
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❏ Animal testing is acceptable because the scientist need to find new cures for cancer.
Significant Details
Animal testing is good because the animals save a lot of lives .
The animals could find cures for cancer (do the animals find cures or do the scientists?)
“We share 95% of our genes with a mouse, making them an effective model for the human body”
“Thanks to animal research, primarily in mice, cancer survival rates have continued to rise.”
This image appeals to emotion because it's telling us that animal testing saves lives
The image supports the claim that animal testing is good by saying that
Global Connection
Country’s Name: Australia
Organization’s Name:
Pro-test standing up for science
Pro-test supports animal
testing by
Speaking to students
Going to scientists and seeing what they do to animals
They help scientist pay for more medication
The organization is an advocate for animal testing because
they support animal testing.
(FDA) does not require cosmetic testing on animals.
(Even though the FDA does advocate for alternative methods
of testing, it seems to be an all too common perception
that animal testing is necessary for the development of
safe products.)
This is evidenced by the hundreds of companies that still test on animals
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