GOV-9.30-10.5.11 MixnMatch

AGENDA FRI 9/30 & MON 10/3
TUES 10/4 & WED 10/5
•RAP #15: Ironic Protections
•Landmark Case Review
•Bill of Rights Quiz on Tues 10/4 & Wed 10/5
•RAP #16: Which right is right for you?
BoR Brochure & Quiz (Tues 10/4 – Wed 10/5)
•Rights in Conflict Article
(Thurs 10/6– Tues 10/11)
•Unit 1 Exam (Wed 10/12 - Thurs 10/13)
RAP #15: Ironic Protections
In cases involving speaking out against the
government—even to the extent of advocating its
overthrow—leaders of such movements often fall
back upon their rights as listed in the Constitution.
 How is this ironic?
 What rights are they referring to?
 Do you agree/disagree with this situation?
Mix – N – Match
Your team will now be given a packet of landmark Supreme Court
cases. Before going on to the next phase, you must get “Alien” approval.
Phase 1
•In your teams, organize the description of landmark Supreme Court cases
with the corresponding amendment.
Phase 2
•Organize the cases in the same order as your team’s rankings.
•Fill in the “Mix-N-Match” worksheet.
•Prepare a brief summary/explanation of the cases from your team’s top 5
civil liberties/rights. (What question does the Supreme Court need to answer?)
Phase 3
•Starting with the 1st ranked civil liberty/right, each team will report out a
brief description of how the court case might help to define one’s civil
liberties/rights .
•If another team describes your case, you must skip to the next case in your
Rights in Conflict Article
Due: Thurs 10/6 & Tues 10/11
Find a current news story or event (the month of
October only!), in which rights are in conflict—
either between two individuals, between an
individual and society, or between an individual
and the government. Write up the following to
include w/ your article:
1. Briefly describe the situation
2. Identify the rights held by each side.
3. Using constitutional grounds (and references),
whose rights should take priority? Explain why in
RAP #16: Which right is right for you?
Review your original rankings on the “Alien
 Do you still want the same top 5? Why/not?
 What would be in your top 5 if it wasn’t aliens invading
but instead “real life” where the government announced
the order for Rights Council?
 How would the decisions regarding which liberties/rights
to keep be made as a country if this were a real
○ How would any disagreements be resolved?
○ Would a unanimous decision be a reality?
 What have you learned about the Bill of Rights during
this process (ranking and then reviewing cases)?
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