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A Tale of Two Cities’

Book the Third

British Literature April 20, 2015







Reading Pop Quiz On a separate sheet of paper, write down the answers to the following questions. Each question is worth 2 points.

What does “In Secret” mean? Why is Darnay arrested in France?

Why does Dr. Manette think he can help Darnay?

What does Madame Defarge take as a compliment from Lucie Manette? What does Lucie Manette do at 3:00pm every day?

What does this passage describe: “It was the best cure for headache, it

infallibly prevented the hair from turning grey, it imparted a peculiar delicacy to the complexion, it was the National Razor which shaved close”

(Dickens 272).

“Dear Abby” Advice Column

You run the “Dear Abby” section of the newspaper, The SkyView Sentinel. You received this note. Write your response to answer his question. Dear Abby, My life seems perfect here in England: I have a beautiful wife (you should see her golden locks!), a lovely daughter, a compassionate and hardworking father-in-law. I don’t want to lose my perfect life but something has come up from my past. One of my old servants at the Chateau of the Marquis needs my help in France. I am scared to travel in France with the Revolutionaries’ uprisings but I cannot let this man die on my account. However, I cannot leave my family. I cannot tell them either. My poor wife cannot handle that kind of stress; she has enough of her shoulders with the loss of our son. Oh, Abby, what do I do? Sincerely, Lost and Loving Husband

What is the Carmagnole?

Is Patriotism dangerous?

At what point does patriotism become destructive?

Madame Veto has promised Madame Veto has promised To cut everyone's throat in Paris To cut everyone's throat in Paris But she failed to do this, Thanks to our cannons.

Let us dance the Carmagnole Long live the sound Long live the sound Let us dance the Carmagnole Long live the sound of the cannons.

Mr. Veto had promised (repeat) To be loyal to his country; (repeat) But he failed to be, Let's not do quarters.

Antoinette had decided (repeat) To drop us on our asses; (repeat) But the plan was foiled And she fell on her face.

Her husband, believing himself a conqueror, (repeat) Knowing little our value, (repeat) Go, Louis, big crybaby, From the the Temple into the tower.

The Swiss had promised, (repeat) That they would fire our friends, (repeat) But how they have jumped!

How they have all danced!

When Antoinette sees the tower, (repeat) She wishes to make a half turn, (repeat) She is sick at heart To see herself without honor.

Socratic Circle on Tuesday Write two questions that intrigue you about the novel to discuss on Tuesday .

Homework Read and annotate Charles Dickens’ chapters 6 and 7 of Charles Dickens’

A Tale of Two Cities.

Socratic Circle British Literature April 21 , 2015

REVIEW: Vocabulary from A Tale of Two Cities Week One

Parricide Vociferate Refractory Sallow Dolorous

Week Two

Capricious Blighted Impetuous Gregarious Expiation

“CLAP TWICE!” I across the room.

She refused to clean her room as usual because she was a girl.

The oncology floor featured many faces as they were battling cancer.

My Catholic friend went to confession to her sins.

The annotations were with only two underlined phrases in each chapter.

Their relationship was ; one day they were dating and the next they hated each other.

Lucie Manette was when she heard that her husband was arrested and imprisoned in La Force.

Their honeymoon was by the error in the airline tickets because instead of going to the beach in Mexico they were headed to the desert in New Mexico.

The extroverts blossomed in social situations like tulips in spring or butterflies bursting from their cocoons.



in Sophocles’ Oedipus the King was an accident though it coined the term the Oedipus

Socratic Circle Here are some questions to inspire your discussion if you would like, otherwise ask your own questions about the novel.

Should Charles Darnay return to France to save Gabelle? Compare and contrast the two trials of Charles Darnay: the first in England and the second in France. What was similar in both? How are they different? How would you describe Lucie Manette as a character? Is her devotion to Charles Darnay inspiring?

Homework Read and annotate Charles Dickens’ chapters 8 and 9 of Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two