Photosynthesis and Respiration Review Questions

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Photosynthesis/Respiration Review Questions
1. The main pigment in plants is called __. Carotene, Xanthophyll, Chlorophyll
2. T or F – The pigment chlorophyll is green because chlorophyll absorbs green light.
3. T or F – The organelle where photosynthesis occurs is called the chloroplast.
4. T or F – Pigments that help chlorophyll function are called catalyst pigments.
5. What are the reactants for photosynthesis?
6. What are the products for photosynthesis?
7. What are the reactants for cell respiration?
8. What are the products for cell respiration?
9. What is the first stage of cellular respiration? Krebs cycle, Electron Transport chain,
10. In which stage is the MOST ATP produced? Krebs cycle, Electron Transport chain,
11. What is the second stage of cellular respiration where electrons are made to carried
to the final stage? Krebs cycle, Electron Transport chain, Glycolysis
12. What type of fermentation releases carbon dioxide? Alcoholic, Lactic Acid
13. What type of fermentation do you go through? Alcoholic, Lactic Acid
14. What the correct sequence of events in cell respiration?
15. What is the equation for cell respiration?
16. Cell respiration releases energy by breaking down: ATP, Food, Water?
17. Cell respiration is called an aerobic process because it requires: Oxygen, ATP?
18. T or F – Cell respiration occurs in the mitochondria.
19. T or F – NAD+ is regenerated allowing glycolysis to continue.
20. What are the 3 sources of energy for humans during exercise.
21. In the chloroplast the disc-shaped membranes are called: Stroma, Thylakoids
22. Compare and contrast photosynthesis and cell respiration.