1-6A Proyecto - assignment and rubric

Nombre: ____________________________________________ Hora: _____ Fecha: ________________
Proyecto 6A (I): Dormitorio Ideal
You will be creating your ideal bedroom by using a shoebox or small box. The bedroom
must be 3-D and contain at least 10 items from our vocabulary (which will need to be
highlighted on your final draft). In addition, you must use one comparison (compare the
size, etc. of two objects and one superlative (the most/the least) in your write up. Use the
questions below to think through what you want to say about the room. Make sure to
discuss/write about all information.
¿De qué color es el dormitorio?
¿De qué color son las cosas?
¿Qué hay en el dormitorio?
¿Cómo es el dormitorio?
¿Qué cosas hay en las paredes?
¿Dónde están las cosas en el dormitorio? (Por lo menos 3 frases)
One comparison and one superlative
All of the information above must be written out in a well-organized, grammatically
correct Spanish paragraph. The paragraph is required to be at least 10 sentences and
be full of rich, varied vocabulary. Do not forget about agreement!
You will be presenting your “dormitorio ideal” to Mrs. Warner on
________________________. Make sure to go through your presentation several times. In
Spanish, you will need to:
Support your statements with examples (point at what you’re talking about)
Use complete sentences and speak clearly
Be fluent (do not read directly from your paper)
Correctly pronounce all words
After your presentation Sra. Warner will ask you two of the following questions
regarding your dormitorio.
¿Dónde está(n) _____________________?
¿Por qué te gusta tu dormitorio?
¿Cuál es la cosa más importante en tu dormitorio?
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¿De qué color es _______________?
6A Proyecto Practice
(Sentence Starters)
1. ¿De qué color es el dormitorio? (1)
1. El dormitorio
2. ¿De qué color son las cosas? (2)
2. Las cosas
3. ¿Qué hay en el dormitorio? (5)
3. En el dormitorio, hay
4. ¿Cómo es el dormitorio? (2 adjetivos)
4. El dormitorio
5. ¿Qué cosas hay en las paredes? (1)
5. En las paredes, hay
6. ¿Dónde están las cosas en el dormitorio?
7. One comparison and one superlative
a. comparison:
b. superlative:
Make a rough drawing of your dormitorio here!
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Nombre: _____________________________
You will be graded by the following standards. Projects submitted that do not fit these
standards will result in a score lower than established by the rubric. This project counts as a
mini test for this chapter. You will be provided some class time but are expected to work on
this at home as well. Please turn in this sheet the day projects are due.
9-10 puntos
7-8 puntos
6-5 puntos
More than three
required vocab. terms
missing / multiple
More than three
required grammar
elements missing /
multiple errors.
Multiple errors in
general accuracy
understanding of
All required vocab.
used accurately with
few to no errors.
Required vocabulary
(1 or 2 missing) / more
than a few errors.
All required grammar
elements used
accurately with few to
no errors.
Errors related to
prepositions, adverbs
and/or other areas are
minimal if existent.
Great care taken.
Script was obviously
well-rehearsed and
few to no errors were
made. Never glanced
at script or only had to
look a few times.
Required grammar
elements (1 or 2
missing) / more than
a few errors.
A few errors (3-6) exist
but do not impede
understanding of
Script was clearly
rehearsed. There are
some errors in
pronunciation, but
they do not impede
Looked at script
multiple times.
Was script rehearsed?
Frequent errors made.
Errors impede
understanding of
dialogue. Looked at
script for at least half
of the speaking.
Superb use of
materials. Took
advantage of
resources and used
them successfully for
maximum creativity
and appearance.
Materials and
resources were used
minimally but
effectively in
appearance and/or
Materials and
resources barely used
or non-existent. Very
little to no effort in
appearance and/or
Creativity of
Extra credit
More than extra effort – your
Extra edge of effort displayed. You
planning and preparation are
definitely put some thought into it.
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clear and worth the time.
last updated by Warner (2014)