Sample analysis – page one on the Analyzing Data worksheet

How to Write a Data Analysis:
1st paragraph:
Sentence 1 – Topic sentence, summarizes the results,
Suggest that it begins with the word “Overall”
Sentences 2-3- Write about math and measurement details.
(Choose from the suggested list on the worksheet)
5-Last sentence-interpret the findings. Explain what it means and what
the practical application of the concept would be.
2nd paragraph:
Error Analysis
Sentence 1 – Topic sentence, Let the reader know that the data may
not be perfect &
Sentences 2-3- Point out the errors in the data
(problems with following procedures, equipment,
constant variables, etc)
Last sentence-Make a recommendation to correct the experiment or to
follow up with a somewhat different experiment to
explore the concept a bit more.
Sample analysis – page one on the Analyzing Data worksheet:
Overall, the more fertilizer that was given to the plant, the taller
the plant grew. This is a positive trend. As fertilizer was increased 5
grams each time, the growth of the plant increased 1-3 cm. There was
a range of 8 cm. Therefore, fertilizer should be used in gardening or
farming to increase plant growth, health and production.
12/10/12 by Kimberly Franklin, 8th grade science, Mesa Public Schools