Get the Ground Water Picture power point

Get the Ground Water Picture
Ground Water
• One of Earth’s most valuable
• Water stored in pores, cracks
and openings of rock material
Ground Water
• Well dug by hand or machine
are used to retrieve water
from the ground
• Aquifer describes an
underground formation that is
capable of storing and
transmitting water.
• Come in all shapes and sizes
• Can be quite large or quite small
• Can yield millions of gallons per day
or may yield only a small amount
• May be found thousands of feet below
the surface or just a couple of feet
below the surface
Ground Water
• Ground water moves or “flows”
• After water percolates down to the
water table, it becomes ground
• If hazardous waste, chemicals, heavy
metals, oil, etc. percolate into the
soil, rain or runoff can carry these
substances into the ground water.
• Scientist that studies ground water