CME sobre GNS3 - Ramo voz y video

CME sobre GNS3
Create a new GNS3 Project
- Get the IOS version “c3725-adventerprisek9_ivs-mz.124-15.T6.bin”
- Get the CME files “cme-full-”
- Create a new 3700 router
- Edit the properties and change the PCMCI disk0 space to 99MB
- Create a cloud with a breakout to your real network with the Ethernet NIO interface
- When that is done connect 1 of the router interfaces to the NIO Cloud interface
- Start the Router
- Assign an IP address to the routers interface (the one that is connected to the NIO/LAN breakout
interface) and if neccesary also put in a default gateway.
- Set up an TFTP server where you will put the “cme-full-” file on
- Make sure you can ping the TFTP server from the router (so that the TFTP server is accesable from
the router)
- Do a “erase flash:” on the router
- Do a “format flash:” on the router in order to create a DOS filesystem
- Issue the follwing command "archive tar /xtract tftp://x.x.x.x/cme-full-
flash:" (X = TFTP server IP address or DNS name)
- From this moment on all files will be extractes into the routers flash.
- Before you can start you need to issue the following commands on the router
ip http server
ip http authentication local
no ip http secure-server
ip http path flash:/gui
username cisco privilege 15 secret cisco
web admin system name cisco secret cisco
When this is done you can access the CME trough the browser with http://router-ip/telephonyservice.html