Study Guide- World War II, Cold War

Study Guide- World War II, Cold War
World War II
 Causes of War and US attitudes at beginning
o German Aggression
 Sudetenland/ Appeasement
o Japanese Aggression
 Invasion of China and US Embargo (of what?)
 Pearl Harbor
o US Reluctance to enter WWI
 War At Home
o Japanese Internment (Why? Also, think of where they live in US, why move them?)
 Korematsu vs. US
 442 Combat Unit
o Women
 Rosie the Riveter
o Rationing (Explain limitations on US consumerism, change of the role of government from 1920’s
o African-Americans (role in war?)
 Great Migration
o Latinos (Role in War?)
 Bracero Program
 Zoot Suit Riots
 War Strategies and Major Events
o Original War Strategy to Defeat Axis Powers (explain)
 D-Day
 Battle of Bulge
o Island Hopping (define)
 Midway
 Leyte Gulf
o Atomic Bomb (identify)
 Manhattan Project (reason to develop bomb?)
 Two cities dropped on? Reasons to drop the bomb?
 Major Treaties and Conferences
o Lend Lease Act
o Four Freedoms Speech
o Atlantic Charter
o Yalta Conference
Cold War
 Foundations
o Communism/ Soviet Union/Russia (Identify and define the type of government in the Soviet
Union, what does this type of government believe about expansion
 Buffer Zone- Relate the Soviet’s WWII experience to the mentality towards dealing with
the US and Western Europe
o Capitalism/ Democracy/USA
 Internationalism- How is the US foreign policy going to change compared to after WWII?
What political position will take a lead role in this change?
 Policies
o Marshall Plan (Define, why did the US want to help so much? (think of European point of view
and also how the plan would help the US)
o Truman Doctrine (define, what two countries did it help)
o Containment/George Keenan (Define, how has the US changed its foreign policy)
o NATO (define, change in US foreign policy?)
o United Nations (define purpose)
 Korean War (Police Action) Why did the US get involved in Korea? How could the US go
to war without declaring war?