The Peace Settlement

The Peace Settlement:
American troops broke the deadlock in Europe, causing Germany to surrender in November 1918.
The Fourteen Points:
 Wilson’s plan for peace
The Versailles Treaty:
 Allied leaders wanted to impose
a harsh treaty on Germany
Reflected American idealism
and Wilson’s view that the war
should be a crusade for
democracy and lasting peace
State that each major European
nationality should have its own
country and government (selfdetermination)
Wilson had to make many
concessions in order to get their
support for the formation of the
League of Nations
The actual treaty
- Harsh
- Germany forced to pay
- Germany blamed for the war
 Called for freedom of the seas,
(war-guilt clause)
reduced armaments, and an end
- Germany lost territory to
to secret diplomacy
France and Poland, and all
of its colonies
- Germany lost its navy; army
 Proposed the creation of a
was reduced to the size of a
League of Nations, an
police force
international peace-keeping
- A League of Nations was
1- Identify three ways in which Wilson’s Fourteen Points differed from the Treaty of Versailles:
2- Identify one provision that Wilson wanted and that was accepted in the actual treaty:
3- Define the following terms:
War-Guilt Clause:
League of Nations:
4- Do you remember why the League of Nations failed to keep the peace?
5- Why was the Treaty of Versailles harsh?
6- Why do you think the United States did not join the League of Nations?
7- Base on the what you have learned, why did people believe that “The allies won the war but lost
the peace.”?