why is science important?

-helps us understand stuff
- Explains how the Natural World works
- Technology is an application of science
Walking on Coals
Science is important because…
• It separates truth from superstition or rituals
What do all Scientists have in common?
Forensic Scientists
Dinosaur Paleotologists
Science Professor
Sport Scientist
Space Scientist
An agronomist specializes in soil and crops.
An astronomer studies stars, planets and galaxies.
A botanist specializes in plants.
A cytologist specializes in the study of cells.
An epidemiologist studies the spread of diseases.
An ethologist studies animal behavior.
A geneticist studies how traits are inherited.
A geologist specializes in the history of Earth.
A geographer studies Earth's surface.
A marine biologist studies ocean plants and animals.
A meteorologist studies weather and climate.
A microbiologist studies microscopic plants and animals.
A paleontologist specializes in fossils.
A physicist studies matter, energy, and how they are related.
A seismologist studies earthquakes.
So, what DO all Scientists have in
• They all have the curiosity to learn and
understand how the world works.
Why Learn Science?
Can you think of 3 reasons why everybody
should learn some science?
1. Get a decent paying consistent job
2. Pevent disasters from happening ie) being
outside in lightning.
3. Live a healthier life!
Assignment #1:
Pick one of the following three topics…
A) research a Canadian scientist of your choice
(who, what, when, how) OR
B) prepare a list of the top 5 scientists of all
time and their achievements OR
C) use the internet to come up with your top 5
scientific challenges of our time