Twelfth Night * SCR

Twelfth Night – SCR
An “SCR” is a short constructed response. Throughout the
Twelfth Night unit, we will begin each class with an SCR.
This question (or questions) will be from the previous day’s
learning. In an SCR, you want to ONLY answer the
questions provided to you. (This is NOT a paragraph. You
would rarely use elements of voice. You will be CONCISE.)
Look closely at what the questions are asking. Write, in
complete sentences, only the information that is being
requested. For example, if an SCR asks you to “detail
Viola’s two potential plans to remain safe in Illyria in Act I,
Scene 2,” you would write three sentences:
1. Topic Sentence (restate the question)
2. Viola’s first plan (escape to Olivia’s estate)
3. Viola’s second plan (dress as a boy and go to Orsino’s)
Begin writing in the “Writing Prompts” section of your IN at
the start of every class.
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