4th Grade

Need to Know Night
September 8, 2015
• Answer initial questions
• Introduce you to the data being used in the classroom
• Familiarize you with student materials
Daily expectations- Found on student’s Weekly News
Reading log: 30 minutes per day
Math homework: tenmarks (10 questions per day), Thatquiz (5 minutes)
Spelling homework: 10 minutes per day (core words/sort of the week)
Spiral Notebooks
• Language Arts Notebook: Contains reading and writing class notes.
Flipside is Spelling Notebook: Contains spelling sorts, core words, and
spelling homework. Students take this home every day.
Math Notebook: Contains math class notes and vocabulary
Social Studies Notebook: Contains social studies class notes
Flipside is Science Notebook: Contains science class notes
Reading Stations: Contains reading station classwork
Math Stations: Contains math station classwork
• Language Arts Vocabulary: Contains class vocabulary and individualized
interesting word lists
• Science/Social Studies: Contains current assignments and projects
• Assignments to Finish: Contains assignments that student has not
Data Gathering (not graded)
Data Binder (See data page in binder)
ORF- Oral Reading Fluency, 3x per year
Math Fluency, end of each grading period
Schoolnet, end of each grading period
Core words, end of each grading period
• 4th grade plans together weekly. Within reason, we all take grades on the same assignments.
• We teach the same content and grades are taken based on the best interest of the class.
• The grading scale has changed for New Hanover County. The scale is now based on a ten
point scale.
•Grades are taken on a variety of products (tests, quizzes, classwork, projects, etc…)
See my website for more details
•You can go on to the parent portal and check your child’s grades at any time throughout
the year.
•Please sign tests and return them to school
• Navigate through website
• https://sites.google.com/a/nhcs.net/debrabutler/
• S.S. newspaper and Science newspaper
First field trip Oct. 29 (People of the Past)
Text Talk – substitute needed
Must be a level 2 in order to chaperon or teach Text Talk
Fall Festival Bucket – thank you Erin Gregory and Crystal Cammack
Classroom volunteers will begin late September/early October
Tennis anyone? We have a couple dozen tennis balls that need to have an X
cut into them so we can place them on the legs of our classroom chairs.
• 30 minutes daily
• On P.E. days students may stay in to finish work and to receive additional