Self-Introduction Speech—I am like a

Assignment 1
Jubail University College
Semester 361
Name: _________________________ ID Number: _________________
Length: ______ min ____ sec
Self-Introduction Speech—I am like a ________________
 Choose an item (object or picture) which you will use to describe your character or personality.
(See textbook 71-73 for sample speeches).
 Prepare a 1 to 2 minute speech describing the item and showing how it represents your character.
You MUST speak for at least 1 minute. You will not be penalized if it is longer but you must stop at
5 minutes.
Possible Received
Assessment Points Defined:
Introduction: Includes a “catchy” opener and controlling idea (like a thesis)
Correct format (EX. Did not start with “My name is…”, “My point/story is…”)
2 - 4 body points
Clear main points
Item chosen illustrated points clearly
Points clearly relevant to audience
Logical order of points
“Interesting” techniques
Used transitions
Points “balanced” ( about the same amount of time spent and information given for each
Clear indication that speech is ending
Concluding statement (EX. Did not finish with “Thank you for listening to my speech.”)
Nonverbal Delivery:
Walked confidently up to front & did not start speech while walking
Finished speech before walking & walked confidently back to seat
Gestures enhanced speech (rather than detracted from it)
Good eye contact w/ entire audience
Good vocal variety
Good articulation/volume
Good rate & effective use of pauses
Met minimum time limit of 1 minute
Audience Behavior: Listened Attentively. Did not distract nor interrupt the speakers.
May lose up to 2 points.
Total Points:
Total for Assignment 1
Assignment 1
Jubail University College
Name: _________________________ ID Number: _________________
Semester 361
Length: ______ min ____ sec
Introductory Speech Self-Assessment:
Your task is to review your introductory speech and to reach an objective assessment of its major
strengths and weaknesses. Write a thoughtful evaluation of the speech in full-sentence and paragraph
form. Be specific and concrete in your comments. Note in particular the areas in which you believe you
did especially well and those areas in which you want to do better in the next speech. Explain why you had
difficulty with certain aspects of this speech and indicate steps you will take to improve your next
Use the following questions to guide your self-assessment, though you do not need to answer each
question individually.
Topic and Purpose
Was the topic appropriate for the audience and the occasion?
Were you able to accomplish what you wanted in the allotted time?
Was the speech well organized?
Did your introduction get the audience's attention?
Did your conclusion end on a strong note?
Were the main points of the body clear and easy to follow?
What did you do to make the speech interesting, compelling, engaging, insightful, etc.?
Audience Adaptation and Language
Did you adapt your speech so it would be relevant and interesting to your audience?
Did you make a conscious effort to use colorful, descriptive language?
Did you include concrete illustrations to make your points come alive?
Did you begin and end your speech without rushing?
Did you display poise and confidence in delivering the speech?
Did you use pauses, rate, pitch, and vocal variety effectively?
Did your physical action add to or detract from the speech?
Did you maintain strong eye contact throughout the speech?
Overall Assessment
What were you most pleased with in the speech?
What were you least pleased with?
If you had an opportunity to deliver this speech again next week, what changes would you make? Be