Vocabulary Week 11/29-12/3

Week 11/29-12/3
Vocabulary Test 12/10
 Apathy (noun) lack of
interest; state of not
 Connoisseur (noun) an
expert in matters of
culture, food or wine
 Credence (noun) belief
or trust
 Nuance (noun) slight or
subtle degree of
 Officious (adj.)
excessively eager to
deliver un-asked for or
unwanted help
 Ambivalent (adj.) unable
to decide
 Culmination (noun) the
end or climax
 Demure (adj.) quiet,
modest; reserved
 Erudite (adj.) scholarly,
 Intrepid (adj.) without fear;
Use your vocabulary words to complete the following
sentences. Write the sentence and the word.
1. The chef watched nervously as the ___ tasted the soup.
2. The fund drive to raise money for a new gym failed because of
student ___.
3. I wish my ___ sister would stop telling me how to run my life
4. Surprisingly, Bill’s teacher gave ___ to his story about how he lost his
5. The sharpest listeners detected a ___ in the speaker’s tone that
revealed her opinion.
6. Winning the state tournament was the ___ of a great basketball
7. Doug felt ___ about his job; although he hated the pressure, he loved
the challenge.
8. The ___ warrior did not even flinch when the tiger leapt from the tree.
9. Not much of a scholar, Justin was intimidated by his ___ girlfriend.
10. Her ___ behavior was really a ruse to cover up her criminal nature.
Complete the sentence in a way that shows you
know the meaning of the underlined word.
 1. The connoisseur was world reknowned for her ability to identify tastes of
 2. Giving credence to the refugees’ story, the border guard…
 3. Never voting or reading the newspaper revealed Kenton’s apathy for…
 4. The extra seasoning in the recipe gave the chicken a nuance of…
 5. After enduring her officious mother for more than thirty years, Loren
decide to…
 6. When forced to be in public, the demure Kelly…
 7. The erudite professor occasionally lost the attention of the students
 8. Manny was ambivalent about taking the new job because…
 9. Stranded behind enemy lines, the intrepid soldier…
 10. The culmination of the symphony’s season occurred at…