White Man's Burden - John Bowne High School

Do Now: Create your own definition for the White Man’s
 ‘White Man’s Burden’ - A poem by Rudyard Kipling
written in 1899. Some interpreted Kipling’s poem to mean
that it was the duty of imperializing nations to bring
western culture and sensibility to the savage native
populations that were encountered in far off lands.
Satire – a literary composition in which human error is
made fun of
Burden – something that is carried; load
Exile – to send one away from their home/country
Harness – device used to work animals
Sullen – gloomy or dismal
Abide – to stay in a particular condition
Work with 1 partner to complete pages 2 & 3 of The
White Man’s Burden: Kipling’s Hymn to U.S.
Imperialism handout.
Write at least 3 sentences in your interpretation of
“White Man’s Burden”
*Use the political cartoons to assist you with
understanding the poem
Individually- complete the Detroit Journal Political
Cartoon Analysis handout
1. Create your own
title for this
2. Describe in 2-3
sentences what is
happening in the
3. Is this a positive or
negative image of
imperialism? Why?
Answer questions #1 – 5 on the following sheet
This will be collected and graded as a quiz