Bienvenidos al Español 2 - Loudoun County Public Schools

Darren Capell
Spanish 1 & 2 Teacher
J. Michael Lunsford Middle School
 Students review, strengthen, and amplify,
the basic principles of level 1. Spanish 2
continues to emphasize on the four skills (
listening, speaking, reading, & writing) and
it is designed to facilitate the use of
Spanish in the classroom. Daily life and
familiarization with geography and history
form the basis for this years cultural study.
 The students’ common assessments will
be parallel to the AP Exam in content and
format. The common assessments as well
as the curriculum will incorporate the six
AP Global Themes: Global Challenges,
Personal and Public Identities, Science and
Technology, Families and Communities,
Contemporary Life, and Beauty and
*This Course provides
one credit toward
fulfilling the foreign
language requirements
for an Advanced Studies
Diploma (three years of
one language or two
years each of two
 Our goal is for students to master
the material. Therefore we offer
opportunities for students to relearn material if needed.
Opportunities for retakes are
available for all students.
 Retakes are mandatory for
summative grades below 70% and
optional for summative grades
higher than 70%. However all
optional retakes will be offered at
the discretion of the teacher.
 Re-teaching is mandatory for
students who show that they have
not mastered the material.
 Students will not be allowed to
retake the following county
1. Midterm Exam
2. Final Exam
World Language
Grading and
Retake Policies
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