Westward Expansion Study Guide
Louisiana Purchase
1. Which country gave the Louisiana territory to France?
2. Who did the United States buy the Louisiana Purchase from?
3. Name three modern day states that are a part of the Louisiana territory?
4. By how much did the United States increase in terms of total land area after the Louisiana Purchase?
5. What was Alexander Hamilton’s opinion of the Louisiana Purchase? Use two pieces of evidence from
the primary source to back up your answer.
Lewis and Clark
6. Why were Lewis and Clark hired to explore the Louisiana Purchase?
7. In your opinion, were Lewis and Clark respectful towards Native Americans? Use at least two specific
examples to back up your point.
Indian Removal
8. What does civilization mean as it relates to the American government and the Cherokee Native
American tribe?
9. What is the Indian Removal Act?
10. What is known as the Trail of Tears?
11. Why does President Andrew Jackson believe the Cherokee will be better off in Indian Territory?
12. Why does Andrew Jackson believe his policy is kind and generous?
13. Why did many Cherokee leaders believe Indian Removal would be helpful to the Cherokee?
Manifest Destiny
14. What is Manifest Destiny?
15. How does Manifest Destiny relate to Westward Expansion?
16. How did Americans justify Westward Expansion?