Skeletal System Quiz

Skeletal System Quiz
1. How many bones are in an adult human skeletal system?
C.260 D.206
2. Which of these vital functions is not performed by the skeletal system?
A.circulation C.movement
3. How many bones does an infant skeletal system consist of?
A.290 to 300 B.300 to 350 C.210 to 220 D.350 to 370
4. Why does an adult human skeleton have less bones than an infant skeleton?
A. The infant’s bones have yet to fuse together and develop.
B. The infant’s bones dissolve over time.
C. The infant’s bones are surgically removed.
5. By what age do infant’s bones fuse together and develop
A. 6 B.9 C.7 D.10
6. What are fontanels?
A. Fontanels are tiny bones in the spine.
B. Fontanels are the spaces between the cranial bones that are filled with
fibrous membranes.
C. Fontanels are the cartilage in the ear.
7. The axial skeleton is made up of how many bones?
A. 80 B. 88 C. 8 D. 68
8. How many bones is the appendicular skeleton made up of?
A. 216 B.126
C.122 D.166
9. What type of bone is longer than they are wide?
A. Short B. Long C. flat
D. Irregular
10. What type of bone is responsible for the height in adults?
A. Long B. Short C. Flat D. Irregular
11. What type of bone is about as long as they are wide?
A. Long B. Irregular C. Flat D. Short
12. What type of bone varies in sizes and shapes?
A.Short B.Long C.Irregular D.Flat
13. What type of bone is the one that doesn’t fit any other category?
A.Irregular B.Long C.Short D.Flat
14. How many cranial bones does the skull consist of?
A.6 B.18 C. 8 D. 9
15. How many facial bones does the skull consist of?
A.8 B. 4 C. 14 D.10
16. How many major sections does the spine consist of?
A. 3 B. 5 C. 4 D. 2
17. Which of these is not a major section of the spine?
A. Cervical
B. Thoracic
C. Lumbar
D. Spinial
18. ____________________ are a short band of tough flexible fibrous connective tissue
that connects two bones or cartilages, or hold together a joint.
19. _____________________ is a tough band of fibrous connective tissue that connects
muscle to bone, or muscle to muscle. It is designed to withstand tension.
20. ______________________ is a flexible connective tissue found in many areas of the
body, including joints between bones, the rib cage, the ear, the nose, the
elbow, the knee, and the ankle.