Do Now
 Find your seat.
 Copy HW:
 Take out:
 Pen/pencil
 Binder
 Computer
 Defining America handout
 Examine the origins and meaning of the “war on
 10 min – Defining key terms
 10 min – Overview of unit & intro to current state of
 20 min – The origins of the “war on terror”
 10 min – Discussion w/ a peer
Intro to Unit
 In 2001, US declared war on terrorism.
 This has had many intended & unintended
 In our final unit, we are going to try to understand
what we are fighting in this war, who’s affected by it,
and how.
 We are going to critically examine what the US has
done as a part of this war and try to determine whether
it’s right.
Why we should care
 Just last week, President Obama said the “war on
terror” needs to come to an end.
 Many other politicians have been arguing about this.
 Read his comments that follow and respond on your
entry task paper.
“Obama Resets War on Terror”
May 23, 2013 – Wall Street Journal
President Barack Obama said Thursday the U.S. war
against terror must seek new tactics and far-reaching
revisions in the legal and moral framework that has
guided policies since 2001.
While the U.S. must continue efforts to dismantle
terrorist organizations and protect Americans against
attack, "This war, like all wars, must end," the
president said at the National Defense University.
"That's what history advises. That's what our
democracy demands."
In arguing for winding down the war on terror, Mr.
Obama said the core of al Qaeda is a shell of its former
"Unless we discipline our thinking, our definitions, our
actions, we may be drawn into more wars we don't
need to fight, or continue to grant presidents unbound
powers more suited for traditional armed conflicts
between nation states," he said.
President Bush declares War on
On September 20, 2001, 9 days after the terrorist attacks
on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon,
President Bush spoke to a joint session of Congress. In
his speech, he called for the US to wage a war on terror.
Listen to the clip of his speech. As you listen, take notes
below. The questions address themes that repeat
throughout the speech, so you should continue to add
notes to each question throughout the speech clip and
be prepared to share afterward.
President Bush Declares War on
 What was Bush’s main idea in his speech?
 How did he define the war on terror?
 Do you agree with his definition? Why/why not?
 What major points did he want viewers to come away
Wrap Up
 After you’ve finished, please submit your work to the
substitute teacher.
 Thank you