•POS: adj.
•Definition – yielding or spreading an odor.
•S – “Oh my! I hate it when someone runs
over a skunk because it is so odoriferous!”
•Synonyms: odorous, aromatic, smelly,
•POS: verb
•Definition – past tense of mill (to move
around aimlessly, slowly, or confusedly, as a
herd of cattle.)
•S – The students milled in the hallways
everyday resulting in the majority of them
being late for class.
•Synonyms: amble aimlessly, move slowly
•POS: adj.
•Definition – harmful or injurious to health or
physical well-being.
•S – The smell of many things can make
someone ill. Many people would say that
the smell of gasses is noxious because
many gasses can be harmful if inhaled.
•Synonyms: toxic, deadly
•POS: verb
•Definition – to smell strongly and
•S – The smell of the gasses from the swamp
reeked of rotten eggs. As we were fishing,
my dad told me that it was sulfur we were
•Synonyms: smell of; give off odor; have an
odor; stink
a plethora of
•POS: noun
•Definition – overabundance; excess of
•S – When some students receive a plethora
of gifts for the holidays or their birthdays,
they donate the excess toys to children in
•Synonyms: excess; much; overabundance
•POS: adj.
•Definition – harmful or injurious to health
•S – When the abandoned building caught
on fire, the firemen would not allow anyone
to pass within two blocks because the
billowing black smoke was noisome if
inhaled and could make someone ill.
•Synonyms: dangerous; hurtful; injurious
•POS: verb
•Definition – to make rise, surge, swell, or the
•S – As the New Year’s Eve bonfire was lit in
celebration, smoke billowed off of the
burning wood into the dark, beautiful, starshining night.
•Synonyms: to surge; bulge; puff up; rise up;
•POS: noun
•Definition – a state of final spiritual ruin
•S – When the favorite football team lost the
Super Bowl in their home town, everyone
who rooted for them was in perdition.
•Synonyms: condemnation, ruin; suffering;
a dearth of
•POS: noun
•Definition – an inadequate supply; scarcity
•S – Many people have a dearth of food for
the holidays and when it is winter, so our
school has collected canned food to help
the families in need.
•Synonyms: insufficiency; famine; lack
•POS: adj.
•Definition – very loud or powerful in sound
•S – Mrs. Williams has a stentorian sneeze;
she has been told that she can be heard
far away when sneezing.
•Synonyms: blaring; loud; booming sound
•POS: verb
•Definition – to emit a hollow, loud, cry; to
roar or utter in a loud deep voice
•S – As the little calf was separated from her
mother, she bellowed as she crossed the
field to catch up to her mother at the barn.
•Synonyms: holler; call; shout
•POS: verb
•Definition – to be dressed
•S – The man was garbed in a red shirt to
honor his mother because it was her
favorite color.
•Synonyms: fit with clothes; apparel; cover;
attire; clad; clothe
•POS: adj.
•Definition – that forebodes (to foretell or
predict; be an omen of; indicate
beforehand; portend), especially evil.
•S – As the dark, foreboding clouds came
closer and closer, it was evident that we
were able to get the rain that we had
been waiting for.
•Synonyms: bad omen; dread; warning
•POS: adj.
•Definition – existing or being everywhere,
especially at the same time
•S – During the spring time, it seems as
though the clovers are ubiquitous.
•Synonyms: everywhere; ever-present;
•POS: verb
•Definition – appear as a shadowy form,
especially one that is large or threatening
•S – The dark dismal rain clouds loomed over
the horse show. If it were to rain, the show
would be cancelled.
•Synonyms: emerge, appear, come into
view, take shape, materialize, reveal itself,
hang over