John Adams President - Woodford County Public Schools

John Adams President
Foreign Affairs
Election of 1796
Problems with France
France had interfered in US policy and
interrupted trade.
When Adams became President anti-French
feelings are running high.
France viewed Jay’s Treaty as US support
of Great Britain against France
Waited on election results to act. Adams,
perceived to be Pro-British
Quasi War with France
In retribution France seizes
American ships headed to
English ports and says
Americans captured aboard
British Naval vessels be
Within 1 year they had
attacked more than 300
American vessels.
Quasi War: Undeclared
war at sea with France
Arch-Federalists beat the
drum of war
“May he, like Samson, slay
thousands of Frenchman
with the jawbone of a
Jefferson” Popular Toast
To avoid war Adams sends
a peace commission to
The Peace Commission
John Marshall, Charles C. Pinckney,
Elbridge Gerry
The French Foreign Minister Talleyrand
sent 3 agents to meet with the
The agents offer a treaty but want a bribe
of $250,000 and a $10,000,000 loan to be
paid Talleyrand
The XYZ Affair
The event became public and the agents
soliciting the bribe became known by the
letters XY and Z.
America is furious at the actions of the
Popular Slogan arose
“Millions for defense, but not one cent for
Maiden America Ravaged by the
Refusing the Paris Monster
War is Imminent?
Adams considered asking Congress to
declare war against France
Soon France wanted to meet with the
Americans because France was at war with
Convention of 1800 America and France
agreed on terms for peace.
Adams Victory
Kept United States out of a declared war
with France. “here lies John Adams who
took upon himself the responsibility of the
peace with France in the year 1800” Adams
wanted these words on his gravestone