ROTHMC Descriptive-Narrative Intro & Conclusion

Getting Started and Wrapping Up!
Introduction: Your introduction should contain general comments
leading up to the detailed events and sensory images.
Descriptive/Narrative Introduction “Must Have's”
What to say!
What you say!
Sentence #1: Hook – Introduce your
character by describing his/her appearance
and/or personality.
In The Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man is a loveable,
sympathetic character whose overwhelming
desire to have a heart sometimes causes him to
become emotional and to behave in unpredictable
Sentence #2: Elaborate – Tell us a little
more about the character so we can get an
idea of who he/she is and how he/she tends
to behave in the novel.
In some scenes dancing in the streets, in others
yelling angrily at the deceitful Wizard, the Tin
Man is a character whose wide range of emotions
illustrate that he is anything but heartless.
Sentence #3: Thesis – Provide three
specific ways in which you are similar to
your chosen character.
Because of our intense loyalty to our friends, our
determination to reach our goals, and our
tendency to burst into tears over the smallest
incident, I believe that the Tin Man and I have
much in common.
*Important Note: Remember to immediately grasp your reader’s
attention with strong details and sensory images that paint a picture in
his/her mind.
Conclusion: Your conclusion should summarize your main points and
leave readers with something about which to think.
Descriptive/Narrative Conclusion “Must Have's”
What to say!
What you say!
Sentence #1: Restate/Reword the hook (in
different words!)
Like any overly-emotional person, the Tin Man
often comes across as unstable and impulsive.
Sentence #2: Restate thesis (in different
Because he frequently and rapidly displays
emotional highs and lows, I feel that the Tin Man
and I have a lot of similarities.
Sentence #3: Leave your readers with a
final thought.
And while both mine and the Tin Man’s behavior
tends to go from one extreme to the other,
perhaps it is precisely that kind of behavior that
causes people to love us.