Factors that Influence Wellness

Health Education
 Health Habits
 Heredity/Family History
 Environment
 Access to Health Care
 Attitude
 Media/Technology
 Daily health choices and behaviors.
 Health Habits have been linked to the level of health
we have.
 Example: heart disease is related to smoking, stress,
attitude, diet, and sedentary lifestyle.
 What other health habits can you think of that
influence your health?
 The genetics that are passed down from your blood
 Genome: the complete set of genetic material in an
individual’s cells.
 Gene: the basic unit of heredity; a section of genetic
material containing chemical instructions for making
a particular protein.
 Plays a part in conditions like: sickle-cell, cystic
fibrosis, heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes
 Physical Environment: Consists of the conditions in
the home, workplace, community, school, etc.
 The things that you are exposed to
 Air
 Radiation (sun, radon, etc)
 Water
 Sounds
 Crime
 Availability of parks & recreational
 Social Environment
-Peers: people of the same age who share similar
Example: what do you eat when you hang
around friends? What activities do you do?
 Culture
-the collective beliefs, customs, and behaviors of a
Example: some cultures have different
diets, behaviors, genetics, etc.
 Having adequate health care helps to improve both
quality and quantity of life through preventive care
and the treatment of disease.
 Vaccinations, screenings, early treatment
 The way you view a situation
-Do you believe that a change will have an impact?
 Optimists: Those who see the glass half full or look for
the positives in life.
 Pessimism: those who look to the negative side of
 How do you think you attitude effects your health?
 Media: carious methods for communicating
-Which are delivered through technology: TV,
internet, newspaper, radio, other?
 How can the media help or hinder your health?
-internet resources
What are some examples that you have seen good
and bad in these areas.
Get Serious About Your Health
Examine Your Current Health Habits
Choose A Target Behavior
Obtain Information About Your Target
Find Outside Help
Building Motivation for Change
Examining the Pros and Cons of Change
Building Self-Efficacy