Planning for Middle School

Planning For the Future
Exploring middle & high school options in Henrico
Tuckahoe Elementary
Rebecca Ozmore & Shirley Ramsey
Planning Guide for Students
and Parents
Hard copy and online at
A Program of Studies
Grades 6 - 12
Why worry about this now?
Choices about course selection in grade 6
can affect whether a student has the
necessary prerequisites for admission to a
high school specialty center, the
International Baccalaureate Program, and
the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School.
 Decisions about course selection in grade 6
can affect course selection through high
school graduation.
What’s in the Planning Guide?
Educational Plan
Diploma Options &
Advanced Placement
and Dual Credit
Eligibility for
Technical Programs
Specialty Centers
Course Descriptions
Directory Information
Academic & Career Plan
Pencil in courses that interest your child
through graduation.
 Remember this is a work in progress - this
plan will change throughout the years.
Diploma Options &
Graduation Requirements
Requirements based on the year the student
enters 9th grade for the first time.
Standard Diplomas
Advanced Study Diplomas
Modified Standard Diplomas
Verified Credits
Verified Credits are awarded for successful
completion of course requirements and
achievement of a passing score on the SOL Test
for that course.
Any course with an end-of-course SOL test is
marked with a check mark in the course
description section.
More information is available in the planning
Standard Diploma
Requires 22 course credits and 6 verified
credits. New: Complete 1virtual course.
Course credits include 4 English courses, 3
Math courses, 3 Laboratory Science courses, 3
History & Social Studies courses, 2 P.E.
courses, 2 World Language/Fine Arts/Career
Education/Technical Education Courses, 1
Economics and Personal Finance Course & 4
Verified credits include 2 English tests, 1 Math
test, 1 Laboratory Science test, 1 History or
Social Studies test and 1 student selected endof-course test.
Advanced Studies Diploma
Requires 26 course credits & 9 verified
Course credits include 4 English courses, 4
Math courses, 4 Laboratory Science courses,
4 History & Social Studies courses, 3 World
Language courses, 2 P.E. courses, 1 Fine Arts
or Career and Technical Education course, 1
Economics and Personal Finance Course and
3 electives.
Verified credits include 2 English tests, 2
Math tests, 2 Science tests, 2 Social Studies
tests &1 student selected end-of-course test.
Modified Standard Diploma
Requires 20 course credits.
Course credits include 4 English courses, 3
Math courses, 2 Science courses, 2 History &
Social Studies courses, 2 P.E. courses, 1 Fine
Arts or Career and Technical Education course
and 6 electives.
Must pass the 8th grade English SOL test or
pass the 11th grade English SOL test.
Must pass the 8th grade Math SOL test or earn
a verified credit in high school math.
Advanced Placement and
Advance College Academy
High School students are offered the opportunity
to take advanced placement courses and take
advanced placement exams which may award
them college credit or advanced placement at
participating universities.
Advance College Academy program allows
student to earn an Associates Degree in Social
Science (Tucker) or Business Adm. (Highland
Springs) from J. Sargeant Reynolds Community
College while earning an advanced studies high
school diploma.
Career Paths &Technical Centers
Course selections offered for career
 Programs offered at the Hermitage and
Highland Springs Technical Centers are
Specialty Centers Pages
Sample Curriculums and Course
Descriptions are given for each Specialty
Center Program, the IB Middle Years
Program and the IB Diploma Program.
 Please note the recommendations and
requirements prior to enrollment listed
below each sample curriculum.
Specialty Center Locations
Advance College Academies: Highland Springs and J.R.
Center for the Arts: Henrico
Center for Communications: Varina
Center for Education and Human Development: Glen Allen
Center for Engineering: Highland Springs
Center for the Humanities: Hermitage
Center for Information Technology: Deep Run
IB: Henrico and J.R. Tucker
Center for Leadership, Government and Global Economics:
Center for Science, Mathematics and Technology: Godwin
Center for World Languages: J.R. Tucker
Course Descriptions
Gives descriptions of
courses offered in grades 6
- 12.
Courses are grouped by
Please note that not every
course listed in this
section is offered at every
Directory Information
Provides phone numbers for Educational
Specialists, Specialty Centers, Technical
Centers, Middle and High Schools and
Administrative Staff for Instruction.
What do I need to know about
Tuckahoe Middle School?
Where Will My Child Go?
All Tuckahoe Elementary students go to
 Three IB locations – Fairfield MS, Moody
MS, Tuckahoe MS
 IB attendance based on geographical area –
all TES students attend TMS program site
Middle School Programs
International Baccalaureate is the only other
separate program option for middle school
 Students can be placed in advance courses
for progression through middle school
 Application to specialty centers and other
high school programs is in eighth grade
Math Course Progressions
Math Course 1/Math Course 2/ Algebra 1
 Math Course 2/ Algebra 1/ Geometry
 Math Course 1/ Math Course 2/ Math
Course 3
Progression for students needing further
math skill development before taking
Algebra 1
Helping Your Child Prepare for
Middle School
Attend orientation and transition programs
at TMS.
 Take your child to fee night - posted on
marquee the week before school opens.
 Talk about your experiences with transition.