Miss Novik Algebra 1 Syllabus Book: Florida Algebra 1

Miss Novik
Algebra 1 Syllabus
Book: Florida Algebra 1 - ACE (Analyze•Connect•Explore)
Online books can be found on the BEEP site.
Course Content:
Algebra is a rigorous course designed to develop the algebraic concepts and
processes that can be used to solve a variety of real world mathematical
problems and prepare you for Algebra 2.
This course is designed to develop the algebraic concepts and processes that
can be used to solve a variety of real world and mathematical problems. The
content includes: properties of the real number system, including rational and
irrational numbers, exponents, square roots, radicals, absolute value, and
scientific notation; varied means for analyzing and expressing patterns, relations,
and functions including words, tables, sequences, graphs and algebraic
equations, variables, algebraic expressions, polynomials, and operations with
polynomials; coordinate geometry and graphing equations and inequalities; data
analysis concepts and techniques including introductory statistics and probability;
and varied solution strategies for inequalities, linear and quadratic equations, and
for systems of equations.
This class is a requirement for graduation and you must pass the Algebra EOC.
Class Supplies:
In order to be successful in class you should bring the following to class
* 3-ring binder & tab dividers
* sharpened pencils (lead) & erasers- ALL work is to be done in pencil
* notebook paper (EVERYDAY)
*4 function calculator-. Calculators will not be used everyday.
It is your responsibility to come to class prepared!
Class Percentages:
Class grades (100%) are based on: 35% Tests, 25% Quizzes, 20%
Homework, & 20% Classwork & Participation
Assignments & Notes:
Practice & repetition are very important to learning and understanding
mathematics. Therefore, assignments are NOT OPTIONAL & those not turned in
will receive a zero. Notes are taken daily. If I write it, you must write it. All
examples given must also be included in your notes. You will lose
classwork/participation points if you do not take your notes. All assignments
are posted on my webpage. If absent, you have 2 days to make-up & turn in
the work. It is your responsibility to get the assignment from someone in class
or from my website. Please do not come back to class and ask me what you
missed. You must also copy the notes you missed in class. Remember they
are part of your grade. All assignments turned into me must have a heading &
labeled. Homefun (homework) will be assigned almost every night and will often
require the Internet or use of a smartphone.
Do not procrastinate! I do not accept late work when you are present in
class, nor do I accept missing work at the end of the quarter.
All grades are available on-line. It is up to you to keep up on all classwork,
homework, tests and quizzes. Check your grades often to ensure that you are
learning and maintaining a satisfactory class grade. I should be able to ask you
your grade, not vice versa. If you have concerns about your class performance
and/or grade, please print out a Pinnacle grade sheet before you see me.
Grading Scale
The academic grading scale conforms with the guidelines established by the
School Board of Broward County:
A= 100 – 90
B+= 89 – 87
B = 86 – 80
C = 76 –
C+= 79 – 77
D+= 69 – 67
D = 66 – 60
F = 59 – 0
Please go to my website: www.missnovik.weebly.com and read my PTS
agreement. Sign the sheet I handed out in class that verifies that you have
read it and hand it in to me by the end of the first week of class.