AP Class Goals
• The course is designed to allow students to see the beauty
and elegance of the universe through the eyes of physics
and the language of mathematics.
• Translation: Learn more about physics
• In addition, we will be preparing for the rigors of the
Advance Placement test in May and/or higher level physics
courses taken at the collegiate level beyond this year.
• Translation: Be ready for the AP and college beyond
AP Syllabus Questions
Quizzes? Tests? Exam?
Make-up work?
Snow Days?
AP Then vs Now
• AP Physics then..
– AP Physics A (conceptual physics)
– AP Physics B (algebra-based)
– AP Physics C (calculus-based)
• AP Physics now…as of 2014-2015
– AP Physics 1 (algebra-based, mechanics)
– AP Physics B (algebra-based, E&M, optics, thermo.)
– AP Physics C (calculus-based)
AP Test Structure
• 3 Hours
• 2 sections
• Section I
(1 hour 30 minutes)
• 50 multiple choice
(45 with discrete
answers and 5 with
two correct options)
• Prefer:
– Ranking questions
– Formula manipulation
AP Test Structure
• Example –
Formula Manipulation Question
• You begin with an object with an unknown density.
However, you then take that object and use only half its
mass but compacted into one quarter of the original
volume. By what factor will the density change?
A) Density will be double
B) Density will be half
C) Density will be one
D) Not enough information
AP Test Structure
• 3 Hours
• 2 sections
• Section II
(1 hour 30 minutes)
• 5 Free Response
• 1 Experimental Design
• 1
• 3 more short answer
*Rubrics are created for specifically for each question