Soils Lab - Department of Civil Engineering And Engineering

The University of Arizona
Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Department
Spring 2013
CE349 Syllabus:
Seyedreza Anvar
Office Hours: Tuesdays- Thursdays: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Mondays: 1:00 PM- 2:00 PM
Prerequisite: Co-Requisite: CE 343
Mickael Kalinski “ Soli Mechanics Lab Manual” Wiley, Second edition
Course Objectives:
This course is aimed to perform common soil mechanics tests in order to better
understand the behavior of soil.
At the end of the semester, students are expected to be able to run common
geotechnical tests, analyze lab test data and describe mechanical behavior of soils.
Moisture Content (week 1)
Specific Gravity (week 2)
Liquid and plastic limits (Week 3)
Particle size analysis (week 4 and 5)
Compaction (week 6)
Sand Cone Test (week 7)
Permeability (constant and falling head methods) (week 8 and 9)
Consolidation (week 10)
Uniaxial and tri-axial compressive strength (week 11 and 12)
Direct shear test (week 13)
Mid-term exam: 10 %
Final exam: 20 %
Participation: 10%
Lap Report and attendance: 60 %
Grades range:
100-90: A
89-80: B
79-70: C
70-60: D
Students are required to turn in one lab report for moisture content and specific gravity
and one for each other topics, 9 reports total. Reports should be submitted individually
and the reports are due one week after the test date.
Students are required to clean the lab after each experiment.
Students are required to attend for some tests at a different time schedule.
This syllabus may be subject to slight changes in the future with prior notice.