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August 7, 2014 SLT Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order by Ms. Perkins at 9:10
Business was discussed by Ms. Perkins
Wood talks about the new attendance document
Principal Dunlap tells the members that she has shared all of her documents in the SLT folder on Google
Freshman Academy Presentation by Ms. Green and Ms. Moye
Building relationships while making learning relevant and rigorous during a major transition.
 Team Leaders
Cougar Mountain- Larkin Smith
Cougar Valley- April Moye
Gave Mission Statement
Divided into two teams serving 450 students
What is different about FA?
*Academy Pledge/commitment
*Advisory program: 45 minutes/week delivered via Health/PE
*Fully Implement AVID
*Utilization of common verbiage, cross curricular project based learning opportunities
New FA Advisory Board
Cougar Cub Day: Wednesday, August 20th 5:30pm-7:30pm. Students will have a brief meeting
then taken on a tour of the school and will end with the students meeting their team leader.
Split into Self-Evaluation Groups
Numbers for teams to address specific questions
1: Chisolm, Green, Stevens
2:Collins, Riley, Poteat
3:Burke, Lane
4:Wood, Perkins, Christopher
5:Spears, Grimaldi
6:Wallace, Moye
RCA/Commitment Ceremony Presentation by Ms. Perkins
Culture of Excellence
Improving School’s Internal Social “Architecture”
SLT examined several problematic causes with Vance High School
The following were YES causes or ones that will better Vance:
*Lack of expectations for academics and behavior
*Poor/Inconsistent communication
*Teachers not following expectation
Ms. Perkins asks that the SLT brainstorms a list of expectations to create a document for teachers to
Groups pulled back together at 11:13 to draft a list that were discussed individually.
1. Lack of expectations for academics and behavior
*Establish behavior/Academic norms via PLC
*Clear matrix of behavior outcomes for teachers to follow (PBS)
*Teachers provide data support for students every quarter
* Punctuality
2. Poor/Inconsistent Communication
*Follow clear, finite, consistent communication tiers with everyone
*Honor and respect communication and ask for clarity from person held accountable for results
*Positive collegial communication
3. Teachers not following expectations
*Be a communicative neighbor
*Be punctual
*Self-reflect via PLC
Parking presentation by Linwood Spears
Students will not have assigned parking this year.
Teachers must display their tags at ALL times. You will be subject to being towed.
If someone has parked in your spot, PLEASE write down the license plate number, make and
model of the vehicle.
Priority parking is not a privilege for the Administrative staff. It is designated to provide a space
for administrative staff members who leave throughout the day.
Principal Dunlap made a motion to uphold the new policy.
Ms. Wallace 2nd the motion.
SLT voted in the new policy with 14 votes.
SIP New Goal presented by Ms. Perkins
Item Due dates were given to the SLT Members
Next meeting will be Monday September 8th from 2:30-4:00 (School Safety Plan Draft completed
and submitted to School Safety Office.)
8/2/2014 Ms. Wallace and Ms. Bryant attended the SIT Training for SLT conducted by Office of
Community Partnerships and Family Engagement
Ms. Wallace was voted to attend the Root Cause Analysis on the September 16th along with Ms.
Self Evaluation Form Template Presentations from Groups Mentioned Above (Final Draft is due to
Ms. Perkins by Friday August 15th.
Question 1:
How effective is your school in ensuring high quality achievement for students in
all grades, especially in the core subjects?
*Dunlap suggests that the document be edited so that uniform language is being used as this is
a public document.
Point Person: Ms. Green
Question 2:
How effective is your school in providing a relevant and appropriate curriculum
for all students, grades and sub-groups?
*Dunlap mentioned that there is not a need to make changes on verbiage but stated it was
*Riley informed the team to edit as necessary considering 2/3 members of her group were not at
Vance last year.
Point Person: Ms. Riley
Question 3:
How effective is the quality of teaching and instruction in ensuring high quality
learning, progress and achievement?
*Dunlap asked if the team agreed with what group 3 outlined as Vance’s strengths and
*Stevens suggested that the group add “common progress monitoring” for most need
Point Person: Ms. Dunlap
Question 4:
How effective is your school in ensuring high quality leadership and
Point Person: Ms. Wood
Question 5:
How effective is the school in creating a high quality learning environment?
*Dunlap tells group 5 that Mrs. Tuttle will be the point person.
Point Person: Mrs. Tuttle
Question 6:
How effective is the school in establishing a high quality partnership with
parents, other schools and the community?
*Dunlap wants to add Cougar Chatter and the STEM newsletter to the list of examples of strong
features of communication between home/school.
*Dunlap gives the MGR website as well as
Point Person: Dr. Lanier
*NC New School presentation will be given by Ms. Poteat Sept. 8th
*Dr. Lanier will give her presentation at the meeting on Sept. 8th also
Cougar Catch Coordinator presentation by Mr. Richardson
C character
A advocacy
T Talent
C Cougars Care
H Health and Wellness
Richardson defines his role as being the Athletic Director and the “Cougar Catch
Coordinator” which is a mentoring program that will provide character education.
Creating a group called “Cougar Unite”
Richardson gave his story of his camping trip and how empowering it was.
New athletic motto “Vance Tough”
Back to school event for the teachers will involve a recreated “Vance Tough”.
Kickboard Presentation
Username: First initial last name (no spaces)
Password: zebulonbvance2014 (all lower case)
Karla from Kickboard proposed coming either the 4th or the 5th of September. She will
give Ms. Dunlap a definite date at a later time. The SLT team has been charged with
exploring the website and be prepared with questions for when she arrives on site.
Ms. Wood will be the Kickboard Administrator, Ms. Green leads the behavioral
component and Ms. Riley leads the academic portion.
Kickboard: Encompasses the whole child. It contains two pieces, the behavioral piece
and the academic piece. This module allows students to be tracked based upon these
two components.
Great Visibility. Staff is able to see information that is entered.
Standard-based grading system. Assessments can also be created.
Virtual Tour of the website
Click the “?” on the right hand side, navigate through the frequently asked questions.
Meeting adjourned at 2:55pm