The Alberta Oil Sands

The Alberta Oil Sands
The Alberta Oil Sands
By: Aidan Witvoet
What Is Social
• Social Justice is supporting or
encouraging equality, human rights and
other things that may benefit many people.
• Social Justice is also making a difference
in the lives of people in a certain country
or around the world (for the better).
What Are The Alberta
Oil Sands?
• The Alberta Oil Sands are oil
mining areas in Alberta that
are supposed to be "not as
harmful" to the environment
as mining for oil.
• The Alberta Oil Sands project
is a very controversial issue
because there are HUGE
environmental risks, but the
oil sands benefit our
economy greatly.
Good Things About
The Alberta Oil Sands
• According to the government
of Alberta, "About 71 square
kilometers are under active
• The government of Alberta
also says that as they
proceed with these oil sands,
they are developing better
reclamation techniques and
• These oil sands benefit our economy by
creating jobs, creating more trading
opportunities with other countries...etc.
• The government of Alberta closely monitors
the emissions of these oil sands facilities, to
make sure that the air remains within the
provincial standards.
• These oil companies try their best not to
disturb wildlife in the area, and to keep the
animals out of these hazardous facilities.
Bad Things About The
Alberta Oil Sands
• According to Desmogblog,
"Oil sands mining is licensed
to use twice the amount of
fresh water that the entire
city of Calgary uses in a
• If the toxic liquid from a
tailing pond in one of the
facilities leaks into one of the
many nearby rivers, this
would wipe out much of the
aquatic life connected to the
• It is said that making one barrel of oil from the
oil sands emits up to THREE TIMES more
greenhouse gasses than a barrel of oil from
your average oil.
• By 2020, it is estimated that the two "most
active" oil companies will have made tailing
ponds of toxic liquid that will be over one
billion cubic meters big!
• The Alberta Oil Sands are the largest source
of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.
My Action Plan
• Im going to take Action against The Alberta Oil Sands
and their outrageous plan to turn much of the boreal
forest into a toxic wasteland!
• We cannot let this happen, so I am going to try my best
to use a mode of transportation that does not use fossil
• I will also encourage others to use modes of
transportation that do not use fossil fuels as well.
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