Week 3 Med Term List (9/17/15)

Week 3 Med Term List
PREFIXES (location
TERM (1 side of card)
15 new terms
position time number color size)
ENGLISH (other side of card)
Examples using this term
1.hypo- (opposite of hyper) down, under, below, less than
hypothermia, hypogastric, hypocephalic
2. a or an-
atypical, asymptomatic, anemia, anorexia
absent, missing, without
3. in-, en-, endo-
internal, interior
(opposite of ex, exo)
endothelium, endoscope, endoskeleton
4. de-
removal of
5. macro-
deodorant, detoxify, decaptitate, dehydrate
large (opposite of micro)
ROOTS (organs
macroscopic, macrorhinia, macrophage
structures parts)
TERM (1 side of card)
ENGLISH (other side of card)
6. laparo
abdomen, belly (NOT stomach)
laparoscopic, laparopathy, laparotomy
7. gen
to produce, cause or make
generation, genetic, regenerate
8. neuro
neurology, neuroma, neurosurgeon
9. hepato
hepatitis, hepatic, hepatoma, hepatology
10. rhino
rhinitis, rhinoplasty, rhinoscope
(symptoms treatment
Examples using this term
TERM (1 side of card)
ENGLISH (other side of card)
11. -ism
condition (same as –osis)
hypothyroidism, metabolism, organism
12. -emesis (a word & a suffix)
emesis, hematemesis, hyperemesis
Surgical mouth-like opening
colostomy, gastrostomy, laparostomy
14. -scope
Camera, viewing instrument
Colonoscope, gastroscope, rhinoscope
15. -genic
Pert. to the creation of
psychogenic, pathogenic, carcinogenic
13. -ostomy
Examples using this term
*** a STOMA is an opening surgically made into the body. Ever heard of someone having to poop into a bag on his abdomen? This is done
through a STOMA. The suffix –ostomy is the creation of a STOMA. In fact, in Latin an “os” is a “mouth.” See the connections between mouth,
stoma, ostomy???
TERM (1 side of card)
16. S/S
Short cut for saying/writing stuff
TRANSLATION(other side of card)
signs & symptoms (indications of a disease)
Examples using this term
S/S of inflammation are redness, fever, swelling & pain
17. GSW
Gun Shot Wound
Pt has a GSW to the head.
18. CBC
Complete blood count
The doctor sent me to the lab for a CBC
19. RBC
Red blood cells / Red blood count
A low # of RBC’s indicated anemia.
20. WBC
White blood cells / White blood count
A bacterial infection caused the pt’s WBC to increase.
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IMPORTANT NOTE; 75% of this week’s MT qz will come
from these 20 terms; 25% will come from terms from the past
2 weeks.