Etymology Activity

Flashcard Projects
(Root Words)
You will spend today and tomorrow making a set of flashcards for the
most common root words. These flashcards are VERY important, and
you will be tested on the material they encompass. The test is a bit
tricky and requires you to understand root words, prefixes, and
suffixes VERY well.
On each card, you will write the root. Then, on the back, you will
draw a PICTURE of what that word means! Keep it simple. This is
NOT an art contest. Make sure your pictures make sense to you!
See my example here:
Front of Card
Back of Card (PICTURE)
 This is a minor assessment grade and will help you with
vocabulary issues
 You will be tested on these root words soon. You will be allowed
to use your flashcards for that test, so please follow the example
and directions perfectly.
 DO NOT WRITE the meaning on the back of the flashcards! The
image is an important part of the memory process.