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ProQuest and The Changing

Aggregation Business

Louise Peck, Strategic Marketing



• What is aggregation?

• ProQuest’s aggregated databases

• ProQuest departments – who does what?

• New directions: content types other than journals


What is Aggregation?


The combined content from any number of licensed or unlicensed sources into a common searchable location

The need: Aggregation is Changing

• Aggregations are evolving

• Aggregations are expanding beyond periodicals

The value in ProQuest aggregated databases

• Large full-text periodical collections

• Powerful and intuitive platform

• Proprietary and third-party A+I

• Combined into a single subscription package

• ProQuest provides more specialist tools in subject niches

(e.g. ProQuest Entrepreneurship )

• New information sources from ProQuest are becoming important

(e.g. evidence-based nursing, dissertations, case studies)

Where Does ProQuest Add Value?

For the Librarian

Superb value

- Supplies economies of scale: bundling databases can give more choice and discounts

- Improves and extends level of user access to different sources

Easy to administer

- Everything in one place

- Supplies additional quality and breadth to complements your existing ejournal collection

Easy to maintain

- Ongoing Service , Support and Training


- Updated throughout the year

- Supports diverse range of users (academic researchers, lecturers, practitioners, corporate users, general public)

- Full-text access also available from other platforms via link outs (PubMed, Ovid etc.)

Save Time: Save Space: Save Money

For Researchers

Easy to use

• Where to start searching? Important content might be missed

• Allows researchers to perform very broad search

• Provides a critical mass to help answer most questions

• Broad coverage, Top titles , multiple subjects

• Maximises potential of the Literature Review process

• Delivered on ProQuest platform: the platform of choice for researchers

Where Does ProQuest Add Value?

For Publisher Partners

• ProQuest complements journal and e-journal subscriptions

• Reach users who wouldn’t otherwise use content

• Aggregation use is different from e-journal use or printjournal use

• 95% of searches are subjectbased – not title-specific

• Publications appearing in aggregation lead to improved citations

Save Time: Save Space: Save Money

Content Editorial Policy

• Broad, international subject coverage

• Embargoes kept to a minimum

• Key titles, as identified by industry lists including

– the library community

• 2006 “Key titles” study in JMLA, Florida Uni study

• Harzing Scores

– the research community

• Impact factors and Eigenfactors

– the nursing community

• Journals reviewed by ACP Journal Club, Brandon Hill Nursing and

Allied Health lists, Core Collection lists, usage within ProQuest

– our advisory boards



ProQuest Subjects

• Arts

• Business

• Genealogy

• General Reference

• Health Sciences

• History

• Literature

• Newspapers

• Science and


• Social Sciences and


• And more

ProQuest’s Databases

ABI/INFORM ® Complete

• Business and management database

• Established more than 35 years ago

• Market-leading abstracting and indexing

– Over 35 searchable fields

• Over 4,000 journals indexed

• Over 3,000 in full-text

• Information on:

– business conditions

– management techniques

– business trends

– management practice and theory

– corporate strategy and tactics

– competitive landscape etc. etc.

ProQuest’s Databases

ProQuest Medical Library

• 660+ current full-text journals, 1006 total

• Clinical guidance

• MEDLINE-indexed

• High impact factor titles

• Journals selected on Hague Core Collection,

Brandon Hill, Florida State,

• Used by clinicians, nurses, health workers, researchers, students, administrators, managers and allied health professionals

• Available in hospitals, medical schools, academic research departments and health authorities worldwide

ProQuest’s Databases

ProQuest Nursing and

Allied Health Source

• For nursing and allied health practitioners and students

• A+I for more than 834 titles

• 700+ titles in full-text

• Nursing dissertations, evidence-based nursing resources, cultural competency in health, multimedia content, nursing reference ebooks, recommended reading



ProQuest’s Departments

All these departments contribute to product development and product support:

Publishing and product management



Global Content


IT and IS

Software; User

Experience team



Project management team

Publishing and Product Management

• Manage P+L for respective business strands

• Identify product strategy over coming 3 to 5 years

• Make the case for new projects and upgrades: create concept documents, business cases, specification documents

• Make the case for investment in specific content, specific publishers

• Product champion - respond to information requests from

Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and across all departments etc.

Global Content Alliances

• Lead negotiations with publishing companies

• Negotiate and finalise contracts

• Manage and communicate overall spend by the business

• Manage information feeds from publishers

• Create bibliographic records for management within

ProQuest eg Title List System

Content Operations

• Set up and manage feeds from publishers; chase content and missing issues

• Manage “manufacture” of full-text content

– From scanning individual pages to untangling e-feeds

• Manage creation of A+I records – citation, abstract etc.; creation and updating of subject thesauri; managing thirdparty A+I

• Design metadata spec for new materials



Full Text Dissertations

• Thousands of full text dissertations

• Major subject areas are included:

• Business

• Psychology

• Physical Therapy

• Education

• ..and more!

ProQuest has over 2.5 million bibliographic records for dissertations and theses with over 1 million in full text

SSRN Working Papers

• Thousand of scholarly working papers from Social Science Research Network


• Working papers provide cutting edge information in business trends months or years before they appear in the final publication

• Working papers often provide more information than the final edited article

ProQuest is the only library vendor offering SSRN Working Papers

Unique Content • Clinical Guidance

Information for users in a clinical context looking for treatment information quickly

Created by senior clinical authors: provides an “expert perspective”

• Clinical References

– guide of treatment options

• Treatment Strategies

– focus on management of disease

• Checklists

– helps users make or confirm diagnoses

Exclusive aggregator content from PocketMedicine

Unique Content • Medical Evidence


• A user-friendly system to help choose the best therapy options for a specific patient with a confirmed diagnosis

• Retrieve the peer-reviewed research results that help you understand how effective different therapy options are

• Summary graphs and tables allow you to see at a glance the evidence on therapy effectiveness and safety

• Up-to-date to include the very latest research

Unique ProQuest content

• Visual representation

• Graph template applies for many different outcomes

• Range of study types

Unique Content • Evidence-Based

The Joanna Briggs

Institute (JBI)

Full text content:

• Evidence


• Systematic


• Best Practice


Exclusive aggregator content from JBI

What Else is Available?

ProQuest users are also be given access to two tools on JBI’s own platform:

RAPid is an on-line critical appraisal of evidence training program

SUMARI is a developing software package designed to assist health and other researchers and practitioners to conduct systematic reviews.

Users will be authenticated through to the JBI platform by clicking on a

JBI logo provided on the ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source database

Exclusive aggregator content from JBI

Unique Content • CultureVision

• Extensive reports based on exhaustive reviews of scholarly literature and government reports

• Written by CultureVision’s researchers

• Reports for 30 ethnicities and 11 religions

• Updated monthly

• Includes insight and guidance to raise awareness of cultural beliefs and practices

• Facilitates understanding to avoid cultural misunderstandings and improve outcomes

Unique aggregator content from CultureVision

Unique Content • Reference Books

• Key nursing reference books, indexed by chapter, from multiple providers, including:

• Encyclopedia of Nursing Research (Springer Publishing Company)

• Teaching Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing: A Guide for Academic and Clinical (Springer Publishing Company)

• Evidence-Based Competency series (HCPro)

• Critical Thinking series (HCPro)

• And more

Unique aggregator content from the Springer Publishing Company and


Medical Ebooks

• Over 10,000 health and medical ebooks available and cross searchable on the

ProQuest platform

Unique Content in Nursing -

Training Videos

Video clips from multiple providers on nursing assessment, procedure, care management, anatomy, prevention, and other nursing topics

Unique aggregator content from MedCom and HCPro

Multi-media Content in Business

Video clips of educators and business professionals enhance search results by providing access to real-world experiences in ProQuest Entrepreneurship

Many video clips can be downloaded for reference or to present in the classroom

Business Monitor International (BMI)


• 682 country focused

Industry Reports

• 25 Regional Insights

• Average length: 60 pages

• Not embargoed

• Country focused

• Most have monthly updates

• Plus Corporate

Financing Weekly

Highly sought country-focused industry reports – filled with most current insights and data, most updated monthly

Oxford Analytica – OxResearch


Daily Briefing Service

• 30,000 objective & multidisciplinary articles

• Compiled by international network of over 1,000 experts and scholars

• Economic, political and geographical data

• Cover worldwide developments of significance in more than 180 countries

• Consistent format: events, significance, analysis, conclusion

• Date back to 1986

Country Profiles

• Brief overviews for 63 countries

EIU ViewsWire Reports – timely reports in ABI/INFORM

ProQuest is the preferred provider of

EIU ViewsWire

• Over 205,000 reports - 12,000+ produced in 2008 with business intelligence on 203 countries

• Analytical briefings o Country Alerts - briefings on worldwide key market developments o Country Views - assessments and forecasts of changing market conditions and the implications for business o Country Background - facts and figures on the local market and regulatory environment

Daily updates ensure timely information

Market Research Reports in ABI/INFORM

ProQuest is indexing market research reports and articles, and continues to add more!

Market Research

• 18,000+ articles and 1,400+ reports

Includes SWOT Analyses, Company profiles and Industry overviews

– Just-Auto

– Just-Style

– Just-Drinks

– Just-Food

– More to come…

Market Research Reports support all disciplines of business research…

• Can replace expensive reports that cannot be previewed and need to be purchased on a case-by-case basis

Market Data in ProQuest


Entrepreneurship supplies the raw data that entrepreneurs find useful in evaluating market opportunities

9,000+ market reports across 43 industries in 40 countries

Profiles for 40,000+ companies, in 600 industries, and 225,000 key executives

Newspapers – Historical and Current


Arts and Humanities

Example Content

Historical Periodicals

Periodical Archive Online & British Periodicals


The Paley Center Seminars

Early Modern Books


Official Correspondence

Documents on British Policy Overseas

Printed Ephemera

The John Johnson Collection

Colour maps

Colonial State Papers

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